5 May 2020

How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones

How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 Basic Requirements
  • PC / Laptop
  • original data cable (some of the third party data cable is charge only.)
  • Data connection
  • Left charge of minimum 60%
  • patience 😀
 #Step 1
 • If this thought comes to your mind, the first thing you need to do is get into xda developers and look at your phone's thread.
 • Custom rom available on your device, custom kernal, patches, how to unlock bootloader, etc .. will be available here.

 #Step 2
 • Unlock bootloader
 • This is one of the must do things on your phone and must.
 • The bootloader is different for many devices.  You can complete this step by looking at Xda developers as well as Youtube.
 • Unlocking this will result in data loss on newly unloaded devices.  Back it up.
 • The bootloader unlocking seemed to me to be the new Samsung devices

 #Step 3
 • install custom recovery
 • Here is the main part.
 • Custom ROM can be flash in two ways.
 • One by using adb commands and through the computer.
 • Through two custom recovery.
 • This is one of the most simple methed custom recovery experience.
 • All phones have inbuilt recovery.
 • But it cannot be used to flash custom ROM.
 • There are many ways of custom recovery.  Some of them are listed below.

  1. TWRP
  2. Orange fox recovery
  3. pitch black recovery
  4. -etc ..
Flashing one of these is mandatory. I'm recording orange fox recovery.
• Before flashing, you must have downloaded the phone's latest fastboot ROM and saved it to the system.  What this means is that if the phone goes brick by accident, you may want to bring it back to the working condition.
How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 • Fastboot ROM
 Common stock devices have two types of stock (phone's original) ROM available.
  -recovery rom (Installs with phone's stock recovery
  -fastboot rom (The phone's original ROM can be installed with your computer. If you accidentally change your phone or brick or install a custom ROM and switch back to the original.  How to do it Your phone's name  To search Youtube to that of fastboot rom install.)
 • Install twrp now.Guide xda developers il available on youtube.

 #Step 4
 • Install Custom ROM
 • Here you need a custom ROM.
 • Up to date custom ROM and xda thread of your device will be available
 • Below is some well-known custom ROM.
 -Potato Open Source Project
 -Bootleggers ROM
 -AOSP Extended
 -Liquid Remix
 -Resurrection Remix
 -MSM Xtended
 -Bliss OS
 -pixel plus ui

• Most of it is gapps or Google Apps included ROM.
 Look and understand XDA.
• Some ROMs will have its patches and download it too.
 The following is a basic installation, and may be useful for some ROMs.
 In XDA, each ROM installation is located on its ROM page.
How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
  • open twrp or Orange fox
  • go to wipe
  • tick all except Usb OTG and SD Card then Wipe
  • connect Your Device to the Computer
  • copy the downloaded custom rom in Internal Storage or SD card.
  • install latest firmware (if required)
  • install the Custom Rom zip file.
  • install patch files (if required)
  • install gapps (if required)
  • install magisk (magisk is a tool for rooting the phone and can be installed if needed)
  • install dm varity force encrypt (if required)
  • reboot to system
• The above is only for one X-ramp.  Depending on the device or custom ROM, this may change.
• Take a good look at Xda and Youtube.
• Try watching latest videos on Youtube.
• Be aware that the phone brick and the boot loop are coming up because the process is not correct.
• Videos are available on Youtube

 Users of Custom rom can comment below about the custom ROM they are using.
 Indicate something is wrong with the post
 Send Comments / Messages to Help

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8 October 2019

Android security flaw: More than 1billion phones could be hacked with single Massage

Android security flaw: More than 1billion phones could be hacked with single Massage
Android security flaw: More than 1billion phones could be hacked with single Massage

Google has revealed that some phones running the Android operating system have a serious penalty in 2017.  Google's own Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Wavey P20 series are all facing this problem.  The company said the patch will be remedied.
 The list of phones in trouble is long.  Samsung's Galaxy S7, S8 and Moto Z3, as well as some models from Shoomi and Oppo, are facing this problem.  The problem is that the models running on Android 8 and later OS.
One of the definitions of the new variant is the kernel privilege escalation bug.
 This is something that a hacker can get into on a phone, and it can disrupt the functions of the phone.  These phones can be controlled remotely.
    Here are some other models that were found to be problematic:
Android security flaw: More than 1billion phones could be hacked; Here affected Phones
  1.  Xiaomi Redmi 5A
  2.  Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  3.  Xiaomi A1
  4.  Oppo A3
  5.  Moto Z3
  6.  Oreo LG phones

 It is said that the information on the matter was so serious before it was resolved.  If attackers can access a different phone, they can do anything.  While this is a serious matter, Google's Project Zero team has learned that only installing another piece of software can take full control.  The company's Threat Analysis Group found the problem. Google's patch to fix all of this will soon arrive.

14 September 2019

Google deletes these 24 apps from Play store because of Joker virus - Reogallery.com

Google deletes these 24 apps from Play store because of Joker virus 
Google deletes these 24 apps from Play store because of Joker virus
'Joker' malware threatens cyber world  Twenty-four Android apps have been infected with this malware.  These apps have been removed from the Play Store.
   But by then, 4,772,000 Android users worldwide had downloaded Joker malware.  So the tech world is not free from malware.
  The malware has affected 24 countries, including India, US, England, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Spain and Sweden.
Once the phones arrive, the Android malicious activity will start, and then the bank information, contacts, one-time passwords, etc. will be leaked.
Google deletes these 24 apps from Play store because of Joker virus
Apps that are infected with malware:
 Advocate Wallpaper, Age Face, Alter Message, Anti-Virus Security - Security Scan, Beach Camera, Board Picture Editing, Surtain Wallpaper, Climate SMS, Collate Face Scanner, Cute Camera, Dazzle Wallpaper, Declare Camera, Declare Camera,  , Ignite  Clean, Leaf Face Scanner, Mini camera, scan and print the plan, Rapid Face Scanner, checkout, clean, radi SMS, along with the camera, the spark wallpaper.

13 September 2019

Apple TV Plus streaming service; Price and details - Reo Gallery

Apple TV Plus streaming service: everything you need to know
Apple TV Plus streaming service; Price and details - Reo Gallery
Apple has launched a video streaming platform amongst the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.  The name of this platform is Apple TV Plus.  Apple chief Tim Cook has announced this.  Apple TV Plus is available for $ 4.99 in the US and $ 99 ($ ​​1.40) in other countries.  Apple TV Plus is available in 100 countries including India.
Apple TV Plus streaming service; Price and details - Reo Gallery
  Apple TV Plus streaming will begin in November, according to information on Apple's official website.  Apple's original series, movies, shows and children's events can all be enjoyed on this platform.
Buyers of Apple's new iPhone, iPad and Mac computer can enjoy the Apple TV Plus for free for a year.

   The trailer of the series, which will be launched on Apple TV Plus, was unveiled at the event announced by AppleTV Plus.  The main star of the series is Jason Mamoa, who stars as Aquaman.  The lineup, including Manoj Night Shyamalan, will be arriving on Apple TV Plus soon.
  Apple is also making arrangements for offline viewing and viewing of content on Apple TV Plus.  In India, it was recently reported that Apple had bought films from leading manufacturers like Eros.  According to them, Indians spend 70 minutes a day on online platforms.  Considering this, tech giants including Apple are getting into video streaming.

11 September 2019

Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first

Xiaomi with Mi Charge Turbo 30W Wireless Charging Technology
Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first
Xiaomi's 30W wireless charging technology Mi Charge Turbo has been launched in China.  The first handset to support this is the Mi 9 Pro 5G, announced by Xiaomi Weibo.  Xioami calls it a part of the 5G era, and claims users can wirelessly charge up to 4,000 mAh battery within 0% to 50% in 25 minutes and 100% in 70 minutes.
Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first
30W Mi Charge Turbo Wireless Charger
   There is currently no wireless charging system or wireless charging system.  Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G will also support a high-power wireless reverse charge that claims that the Apple iPhone XS is fast enough to charge 20% in 30 minutes.

Using reverse wireless charging technology, users can charge wireless earphones, smart watches, toothbrushes and more.
Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first
Xiaomi with 30W wireless charging technology
  As far as hardware is concerned, Xiaomi has announced two wireless charging accessories, Qi Wireless Standard Compliant, which offer 30W and 20W power output.  Finally, Xiaomi has announced that its 40W wireless charging technology is in testing phase.
Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first
Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo 30W Wireless Charger Introduced
  There is no clarity on when Xiaomi plans to release the Mi 9 Pro 5G or 30W and 20W wireless charging pads.  The Mi9 Pro isn't the first handset to be confirmed by Xiaomi, who confirmed that it supports 5G.  Xiaomi has confirmed the successor of the Redmi K20, officially known as the Redmi K30, with 5G support, according to company general manager Lu Weibingil.

Xiaomi with the world's first 30W wireless charging
   Xiaomi's Redmi series is part of Qualcomm's deal with 12 smartphone OEMs that have confirmed the use of the upcoming Snapdragon 7 Series 5G mobile platform for future 5G mobile devices.  Earlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled its first smartphone with 5G enabled.  The handset was released in collaboration with Three, Orange, Sunrise, Telefonica, TM and Vodafone.
Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G to get it first

10 September 2019

Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery

Android 10 to be available on phones;  The big changes Google is giving in the new update
Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery
The next version of Google's Android operating system, Android 10, is officially available on phones.  The first step is to update Google's Pixel phones.  Later, the update will also be available on OnePlus 7 and 7 Plus phones.  Google's Android update is usually available in August, but this time it was moved to September.
Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery
 This is followed by other mobile manufacturers who will be getting the Android update in the coming days.  Android 10 comes after the Android queue.  Google has abandoned the name of the confectionery industry and is using a new system.

   Google will make big changes in your phone with the latest update.  Dark Mode is important to Android 10. The advantage of the Dark theme is that it can increase the battery capacity.  Let's take a closer look at some of the apps that require the highest battery life on Android recently.  This Android update comes with apps like WhatsApp and Dark Mode being introduced soon.
Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery
  Project Mainline is another highlight.  Android Security updates are no longer on the phone.  This means that every phone manufacturer does not have to wait for a software update.
Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery
  And the Focus Mode option for silent apps.  Android 10 has a three-way configuration mechanism that allows apps to store device location.  This means that the permissions may never be granted, or always given, or only when the app is turned on.

  The gesture-based navigation is further enhanced in Android 10.  The latest update will be similar to iOS.  Also, the live update option is also available in the latest update when the videos play full screen.
Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery
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Android 10 release date, new features and everything you need to know | ReoGallery

9 September 2019

Apple Tag spotted in iOS 13; it may be a personal item tracker like Tile

Apple arrives with new smart tracking device;  Let's get acquainted with the 'Apple Tag'
The company is building a special smart tracking tool that can help you avoid losing or missing bags, purses and other accessories.  The apple tag, as it is called, is probably the smallest device.  It is known by the code name 'B389' within the company.  The Mac Rumors website states that it will be linked to the Find My app of iOS 13, which will be available next month.  Find Me My iPhone and Find My Friends apps are coming together.
‘Find My’ is said to have three tabs.  The third tab is Find My Items.  This is something that the user's inventory can be lost and lost.  You will receive a notification when your apple tag goes out of your purse (purse, bag, etc.).  Then when you press the Find My App button, the tracker makes a loud sound.  This is the case with all Bluetooth trackers.

 But the next part is more interesting.  If your property is lost for any reason, the Find Find App will be listed as one of the missing items.  Now if any other iPhone owner finds your lost item, give them your phone number and so on.  You will also receive information about the person who discovered the property at this time!
 Another advantage is the augmented reality capability embedded in the Apple tag.
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100 Million Subscribers; YouTube Launched New Creator Award | New Play Button

10 crore subscribers;  YouTube launches new creator award | New YouTube Play Button
YouTube Creator Awards are given to YouTube creators as an incentive for subscribers to cross each stage.  YouTube has been awarded three categories - Silver, Gold and Diamond.
 The Silver Creator Award is for channels that receive 1 lakh subscribers.  This is the silver Youtube logo.  The channel which receives 10 lakh subscribers will be awarded the Gold Creator Award with a golden logo and the Diamond Award with a diamond logo for the channel which receives one crore subscribers.
Recently, YouTube channels such as Teaseries and PewDiepie have crossed all these limits and gained over 10 crore subscribers.  YouTube has created a new creator award.
   It is named the Red Diamond Creator Award.  The award features a Youtube logo in red, and it features a diamond-shaped YouTube logo.
 YouTube has also shared a video of it.
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29 August 2019

Google has developed Artificial Intelligence to understand sign language

Google has developed Artificial Intelligence to understand sign language
Google Has Developed Artificial Intelligence To Understand Sign Language
The number of people communicating through sign language is high.  Understanding this complex mode of communication and converting it to sound has not yet been invented.  Google AI Lab is paving the way for revolutionary innovation in this field.  Google's Artificial Intelligence Lab developed an algorithm that can track hand movements in real time.
  Google is making use of the smartphone and its camera to enhance machine learning efficiency and track the movement of the hand and all fingers in real time.

  Google sources say that today they are trying to use the mobile phone to decode the sign language of the computer and other devices.
business with artificial intelligence by google
Gesture signs
 Shake hands and the similarity in gesture markers make it a challenge to translate sign language into real-time language.  In addition, the speed at which the sign language is handled and the frequent mistakes made by the gesture can affect the process of turning sign language into real-time speech.  Turning gestures into sounds is a challenge in itself.
Google has developed Artificial Intelligence
Google Artificial Intelligence Lab
 With multiple cameras and depth-sensing rings, it is difficult to change gestures into real-time sounds, even if you understand all the movements of your hands.  However, Google did not release the Artificial Intelligence Lab, which found that if the computer did not provide enough data, the translation would be faster.
american sign language
Movements of the palm
 Google understands the gestures of the hand rather than the movement of the entire hand in the gesture.  This system only needs to understand the movement of the tiny spice with the palm of your hand, and does not need to be able to detect large images.  This will speed up the process of turning gestures into sounds.
machine learning google assistant
21 coordinates
 The movement of the palm of the hand is largely due to the movement of the fingers when the fingers move.  There is a special algorithm to understand the movement of fingers.  Set 21 coordinates from beginning to end of fingers.  This will help you pinpoint the position of the finger and determine which position it is.
google machine learning
Machine Learning System
 Of the 30,000 photos in different poses and lights of the hands for the finger recognition, 21 points must be manually recorded.  Behind every artificial intelligence system there is so much human labor involved.
artificial intelligence by google
Source code is free
 This algorithm has not yet been used in any Google products.  So Google is ready to give it away for free.  Anyone can take the source code and make their own system.  Google sources said that this source code was made available to all researchers in a way that would positively change the way technology is used.
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10 July 2019

Facebook cryptocurrency Libra is coming to smuggle out Bitcoin;

Facebook's Libra is coming to smuggle out Bitcoin;  Can it be used in India?  Everything you need to know...
Facebook cryptocurrency Libra is coming to smuggle out Bitcoin;
Facebook comes with cryptocurrency.  Facebook has named their cryptocurrency as Libra.  The Libra release is expected to be complete in 2020.  The Libra Association will be behind the currencyFacebook says it will target those who don't use the banking system in the new currency.

   Facebook is not in full control of Libra.  Libra is controlled by a total of 27 companies.  Some of the companies that have joined hands with Libra include Uber, Mastercard, Visa and Spotify.
Facebook claims to make transactions anywhere in the world using Libra.  The user will not be charged for these transactions.  With the speed and speed of sending a text message, anyone can exchange Libra Crypto currency with Calibra for very little or no cost.
Facebook cryptocurrency Libra is coming to smuggle out Bitcoin;
  using Libra are completely centralized and private.  Let's start with the Libra currency by installing an app called CalibraFacebook will also create reserves to keep Libra's price down.  Bank deposits and government securities will be carefully guarded for every Libra created.  Facebook aims to make Libra the world's best currency.  Libra is expected to grow as a challenge to Bitcoin Transactions

 Can it be used in India?
 Libra buying and selling in India is only possible if the RBI allows banks to exchangeLibra can be exchanged with the rupee if the RBI gives permission.  In that case, global cash flow would be easier without central bank intervention.

27 June 2019

How to Embed YouTube video in Blogger | Step by step | easy way with English Subtitles

How to Embed YouTube Video in blogger | step by steps | Easy way with English Subtitles

How to Embed Youtube video in Blog
How to Embed Youtube video in Blog
how to embed youtube video in blogger
how to embed youtube video in blogger post
how to embed youtube video in blog wordpress
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24 June 2019

How to create a youtube channel

How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
We have often heard stories of people making their own YouTube channels and earning billions.
 There is a lot of people in the country who have heard such success stories and made a stop at the YouTube channel.  This is because a YouTube channel is a long-term endeavor.  Therefore, it is not a good idea for newcomers to quit their regular-paying jobs and take time off.  But anyone can be a YouTuber if you have the right goals, plans and ideas.

  • good idea
 It is best to choose the most popular topics to interact with.  Most enjoyable videos are entertaining and useful for people, including music, comedy, cooking, education and travel advice.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel

  • Innovative presentation style
 With so many millions of youtube channels and videos, think about how to be different in this country.  Because innovation is the key to success today.

  •  Perseverance and patience
 It is best to self-analyze if you are willing to work hard for this before you can become a YouTuber.  Often you have to wait two to three years to get a significant income from YouTube.  One of the most important factors is that you can upload videos regularly.  To begin with, a new channel does not have to mean revenue.

  •  Great video, sound quality and good content
 Good content or content is basically what makes a video a success.  It all depends on youtube's imagination and ability.  Not only is the content good, but the audio quality of the video should also be excellent.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 If all these things are ready, let's start our channel now.

 The first thing you need is a Google Account.  Those who do not have a Google Account, must create it and sign in to YouTube.
 Channel name, category, cover image and thumbnail must be prefixed.

 Then create a channel according to youtube instructions.
 A few more videos can be made to ensure that videos are uploaded regularly.

 Good sub-titles and voice-over can be provided for professional excellence.
 For starters, using smartphone cameras is much easier.  Going further, an SLR or DSLR camera will be necessary.

 The caller mic, phantom power supply, sound card, memory card, adapter, computer and video editing software and the knowledge of using them will enable a YouTuber to work freely without anyone's help.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 Now, after all this, you want to see if your channel has crossed 4000 Watch Hours (the time that a channel has been viewed by YouTube users).  If you cross 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 Watch Hours within 12 months you will be enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program.  After that, you need to connect your Youtube channel with Google Ad Sense account.

 But that doesn't mean you have to fill up your bank account right away.  Google Adsense payment is based on how the channel visitors respond to the ads that appear on your video.
 Payment for various channels of YouTube is determined using the Cost Per Impression metric.

 Each time ads are played on our channel, a certain point will be added to our AdSense account.  For every 1000 views, the amount we receive will increase.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 The average cost per impression code or CPI is two dollars.  It can be up to ten dollars depending on several criteria such as video quality and popularity.

 Care should be taken to ensure that the uploaded video is in no way copyrighted.


20 June 2019

New cryptocurrency under the leadership of Facebook

Introduces crypto currency under the leadership of Facebook
Introduces New cryptocurrency under the leadership of Facebook;  Experts are wondering if Libra will change the world economy

More details about the New cryptocurrency that Facebook has been planning to launch for some time have come to light.  The company said its currency would be Libra.  It will be launched in 2020.  The Libra Association will work behind the scenes.  "There are 31% of people in the world who are unable to use the banking system. They are the main target of their currency," the company said.
    This is being done in conjunction with 27 companies from all over the world.  The company said Facebook would have only one vote if it were to vote on LibraLyft, Eber, Visa, MasterCard, Spotify, Coinbase and PayPal are some of the other companies that join Facebook for Libra.  But Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, said they were trying to launch Libra with not just 27 but 100 founding members.
Introduces crypto currency under the leadership of Facebook
 Libra presents itself as an easy way for anyone in the banking sector to enter.  There will be only one protocol for this currency.  Transactions using Libra are private.  It will be centered.  You can use it to make money transactions anywhere in the world.  Nowhere is the user fee charged.

       Libra can be used by anyone who has at least one start-up smartphone and uses a data service.  If you install Calibra app you can start using a new currency.  Reserves will also be created to hold the price of their currencyBank deposits and government securities will be carefully guarded for every Libra created.  Facebook's goal is to make Libra a leading currencyFacebook said that such measures would help to reduce the volatility in the value of common cryptocurrencies.  One thing that everyone at Libra Association wants is for users to use their currency with great confidence.
Introduces crypto currency under the leadership of Facebook
 Blockchain technology will also be used behind Libra.  The Libra Association will also be in place next year.  Facebook's teams are spearheading the Libra Association and the Libro Blocking Technology.  The final decision on Libra will be decided by the Libra Association, but in 2019, it will be Facebook.  But once the Libra Association comes into existence, Zuckerberg said, they won't play.

     Facebook plans to launch Calibra as a new company.  Calibra will manage all cash transactions through Libra.  The company says it will keep it from Facebook data.  The company claims to have privacy through it.  The plan is to collaborate with other third party voices.  Calibra Violet will connect to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  It will also launch a standalone Calibra app.  Zuckerberg said that like all other money laundering apps, Caliber would be regulated and its information would be kept out of Facebook.  He said that anyone with a smartphone and data connection can transfer Libra Coin to anyone else for free or for a nominal fee through Calibra App.  He also said that after some time, they will increase the range of their services.  Facebook is trying to get it to the point where even business people can use it.  There are plans to get into the tea shop, drink tea, take a bus ticket and develop everything.  Calibra only has a team of technicians.  There will also be attempts to eliminate fraud and others.  Libra will also have its own programming language.
Introduces crypto currency under the leadership of Facebook
 The term 'bitcoin' is used by many as a synonym for cryptocurrencies.  Libra is not a challenge to currencies like Bitcoin.  But it could be a bridge to them.  Facebook is the company most people know about using the Internet in the world.  It is impossible to say now whether this is the beginning of an attempt to bring about a parallel economy that they can use worldwide.  It remains to be seen how the world will react to this.
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New security features of Tik Tok for Indians

New security features of TikTok for indians
New security features of Tik Tok for Indians
      TikTok has been in the discussion for the past few years.  Tik​​tok tun is often a subject of controversy due to concerns about the safety of its users.  To address this, the company has introduced a new safety device, device management.  The biggest feature of the feature is that it takes full control of the user account in it.  The number of people who use Tik Tok in India is around 200 million.

  "The security of the tik-tok users is of great importance.  Device management facility has been introduced as part of the security assurance process.  The company's community media notes say.
Users will now be able to guarantee better account security than before.  This feature allows users to delete their accounts and end the session from other devices with the help of the Tik-Tok app.
New security features of TikTok for indians
  The device management facility was first released by 13 TikTok features.  Most of them have been developed in front of Indian users.  These include Edge Gate, Restricted Mode, Screen Time Management, Comments Filter and Safety Center.  'These features will enable users to safely display their skills in the world.'  Tik Tok is clear.

13 safety features
  TikTok has released many videos in Hindi and English to provide information related to security to Indian consumers.  The purpose of the video was to tell customers about the functionality of security features.  Tik Tok currently has 14 security features.

Safe and exemplary app
  "The company has released in-app tools and videos to convincing more than 200 million customers in India to understand what they mean by having a safe and comfortable experience.  The new facility will enable users to be able to show their skills to the world wisely and safely.  The company is telling about the new feature.

17 June 2019

One way to recover from data compromise on Chrome

Most popular web browser
Google Chrome is the world's most popular web browser.  It is a very useful and transparent Android browser.  Google is also a company that attempts to introduce new features every day.  But when it comes to security, you need to use the most secure chrome.

 The Google Chrome browser contains a highly secure feature called Pad Lock.  This is a feature that tells us whether or not the browser is using it or not.  But it's another fact that this feature can not be trusted.

Therefore, we need to ensure our own safety.

 To know if the data is compromised

The task bar always requires attention when using Google Chrome.  This means that if you open more tabs than you open, you should close them as soon as possible.

 Hacking using fake UI is widespread today.  This is most commonly seen in Google Chrome users on a smartphone.  Special care should be taken in this regard.  It should be noted that the chrome will work on the back even if the smartphone is locked.  So turn off the data connection immediately after use.
The Google Chrome Frame also features a dark color.  It's more secure.  If you use this, all the objects that are not Phack can be viewed only in Dark Color.  This feature is very useful.
Most popular web browser
Despite this, you need to ensure your own safety.  For this we must take precautions that we can volunteer.  Close tabs, screen locking and turning off data connection are some of the things we can take care of ourselves.  There are so many cheats online.  These can be handled with care. 

How to Clear Cash and Speed ​​Up iPhone

 Are you worried about the slowdown in iPhone performance?  This is because the phone may not be old or the network is slow.  This may be a reflection of the accumulation of unwanted files and apps on the phone.  The solution to the problem is to clear the cash immediately.

Cache in the Cash

  There are files in the cache that are hidden from the phone by memory.  Examples of passwords and scripts from websites you've visited  The phone stores this information in the cache for quick pickup.

Function of the phone
Most popular web browser
The function of the cache is to speed the phone up.  We can understand the time lapse caused by having to ask for more password information.  It is widely acknowledged that if the iPhone's cash is full, the phone will slow down.  But Apple has yet to agree.

The advantage of the iPhone

 Cleaning up the cash periodically is a good idea.  The advantage of the iPhone is that it can do this easily.

Safari on Clear Cach

  1. Make sure you remember the essential passwords you delete before the data.  Clearing the cash will log you out of websites, including websites.

  2. From the settings, take Passwords & Accounts and click on Safari

  3. You can view the clear history and website data here.  Click on it

  4. Ask the phone to make sure the data in Safari is cleared.  Click on the message

Clear Cash on Third Party Apps
Most popular web browser
 1. Third party apps are apps that are installed on your phone such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps.  Take General from Settings and click on iPhone Storage

 2. List of apps can be viewed in iPhone storage.  The top will be the app that carries the most data

 3. Click on it to see how much document & data space app you are using

 4. The phone will give you some instructions on what to clear from iPhone storage.  You can read about each of them by clicking on the Show Owl next to the recordings

 5. Click on Enable if you are willing to accept any suggestion

 6. If you want to do this yourself, take the app and delete the unwanted files, playlists, photo albums and emails.

Delete apps and download again
Most popular web browser
 1. Once you realize that any app is saving a lot of data, delete it immediately and download it again.  Social apps store all the photos and videos we've seen besides passwords.  Sometimes the only way to clear the cash is to delete it.

 2. Grab the Delete app from iPhone Storage and hit the Delete app at the bottom of the page.

 3. Download and install the app from the Apple Store.  You can pick it up from My Purchases List if you have to pay for it.  There is no need to pay again