21 January 2019

The Expat (based on a true story)

Abroad life
Are you going to the Gulf?
The last one was the last question ...
Why do some people go to the Gulf
I do not know what to do, but I'm not sure what to say ...
One story explained the story .. !!
This is the story ....
Some ants went straight one line through a paradise.
Then they saw a fresh ripe shell in a pot. All 4 wants to eat that food. I told the rest of the ants in front
You're standing here. I'll go and look. I'll tell you if it's good.
The rest of the ants agreed to it. So the first ant tree tree was checked for 9 pounds ... After that the fuming did not return. Then the second ant told them to the rest: "They do not eat 9 from the whole of the jar
I'll go and see ..
The second ant went on to check the shakha. That too did not come back. The rest of the ants have realized that the two were overthrown
The third ant was sent off. Go 4
Nothing came up. Goals 4 eat 4 goatballs
The rest of the mansions thought that fire was gone, and the rest of the ants went to get hurt. But what happened in the 9th day of the year's food was eaten
When all the first ant and all went into the jug, immediately penetrated into the inside of the shell, and turned to and fro.
It was so unbearable that the ants still eat jacket. In the margin
Frightened ....
The ants outside are misunderstood
I dont want to eat ..
A curse with the screaming curf stopped ...! 😜😜

Do you have a mobile phone in the grave?

                 Importance of grave

"Do you have a mobile in grab?" - This question was kept in a hospital ...

I waited to keep my token number in front of the doctor's OP room and looked at the mobile and looked at the message sent by my friends ...

Then a few years old came and sat in the seat. I raised my head and looked at him. The eyes are down ...

But he was looking at me. I listened to him with left foot. He does not look from me. I raised my head again and looked at him.

A turtle is made of the head. On the forehead we can see the nizzy shawl. Something like a sad thing in the eye ...

I asked: "What's wrong?"

He laughed at me. And then he said: (Look at the file in my hand): "Why did you come from, the same disease ...

I'm not laughing at you

Then, "Where are you working ... where are you at home ... how much are kids?" With many questions ... I and he went further.

In the meanwhile, it was his own question ... "Did you know that the second part of the Qur'an is Surah Ibrahim?"

I have a lot of fun

He looked at me and said, "No, no, I've tried you ... to see if the condition of today's generation is on you too!"

As I looked in his face, he continued:

"I am a maiden (a bank caller) in a mosque for many years. Many children are taught in Madrassa.

One generation who honored the cause of the victims went to the young people today to respect and stay under them.

"I ask you about the chapter of the Qur'an to know whether you have that character in you ..."

"That's why you were not afraid of my question ... you know that you can find the answer in just one moment ..."

"But the day will come when you can not come up with the mobile ... The angel came in and the machine in your hand will not be able to answer the questions you ask ... it will not be in your hand ..."

"But all the things you have learned from your heart, it will make you alive in the life of the grave ..."
Mobile technology

"Add your mind to reading and learning so ..."

Today kids do not like advice. I do not know what to do,

When I heard all of it, I bowed my head and sat down. I looked at the mobile in my hand ... one thing was solved.

With the help of this tool you know that the pragmatism of me is the one that has something to say ... me too ... is not it? Yes; Have ...

We need to change ... Qur'an ... we do not even know the Qur'an to understand and understand its laws ... We live in the name of the Qur'an in the name of the Qur'an ...

I woke up from the thought and looked at his face ... I said; "True you said ... !!

I walked with the nurse to the OP Room and I looked at him with ...

People like him come up to the brain straight words that speak the true scholars ... Bless Allah ...

The Smell Of Blood (part-3)

The smell of blood

(Part 3)

"What do you feel?" Asked CI
I searched for this Varghese and his past is not good, he planned to plan all the way, and plan to sell his car to Bombay with his wife, Palli Sir's wife. "Two tickets for the Bombay train He asked .he asked T & T has reported that the travel of the karril. " I stopped saying it
Pillai said, "Malathi was a big woman and had some ornaments, and sometimes they walked down to go and then Varghese, who had changed minds, would kill them and go into it." The CIA postmortem report said with a keen eye.
 "Some of the nerves have been cut down, some of them have been cut down and some of the blood has fled, and immediately after the death of an accident he died.
By the time the call came from Forensic. My alcohol bottle that I gave was that the finger print print match and the blood of the fist.

"CI got up to get up," I said, "I'm going to be back

"Sir, there was one more thing, but I do not know whether it is important."

'The word'

"Sally .Pillar sir said that he had come to know the news of the death in the morning .I have seen him at around six o'clock in the morning, but at two o'clock in the morning there was another call from the phone." Pillai Sir's friend Purushothan Vakkil said "

"The evidence is against those Varghese, because everything is doubtful because he is new and tomorrow I will send the report to the SP office."

Get out of the CI station.
Pillai Sir Leve came back again two weeks later .I was stuck in Bombay for Bombay Varghese in the middle of it. But there was no trumpet.
One month later, I was transferred to my home.
I have something to tell him about Narayana. I would not hide it "
Pillai Sir's voice awakened me from the past.

"I know you're going to say sorry, and I'm playing a role in the drama written by Purushothaman Vakkilee and I remember my children, and I was able to escape with the well-known criminal lawyer, when I came home with Gopalakrishnan, I found out that one of those bamboo beds Throw Varghese and got the following. A lawyer came to court, but there was no driver that Varghese was on a train to Bombay antyavisramam It was a lawyer who traveled by the driver. Wow, when I came to Bombay in order to investigate Varghese. No I do not. "
When I stopped, I started telling Pillai sar, "I knew the relationship with Varghese, but when I remembered my children, I could not say anything, I was very angry with her and I was very much in love with him" he sighed.
'It was an ox with a lamb. Malathi was very close to sleeping. " It was then that the conversation was heard from the back of the house. The bag went all out for Malathi to go. I begged her not to give up their children. Varghese took me out of the kitchen and took out a knife in the fear of her mind. It turned out that I was not able to withstand the Malathi from that crack. When I saw the rush jumped, I could not stand. Wandering inside my fist and cut off Varghese's neck. When I arrived at Malathi, who confirmed that it was all over, she too had a last breath.
I decided to give a grip. Then remembered about the children ..... when he called the saint and told him to do what he was saying. One of the beds that I planted two weeks earlier I dug it again. With the inside of it, it was six at the time that the clump was pulled over. Then he cut down and threw it to the toe.
The next day she was told to tell herself. But could not "
Pillai Sir was blinded and blinded.
I walked out slowly
When I reached the road, I found Sabri on my bike. He was asking something. I did not hear anything. Varghese's mother's smiling face was still in mind. She did not know that she had killed her son by spending two years after the incident that helped her with the money that she could afford. If you knew you would not buy it .......


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The Smell Of Blood (part-2)

The smell of blood

(Part 2)

"I'm telling you the truth."
"Yes, Sure, Varghese has come to the house of Pillai Sir.
From the jeep main road to the uninterrupted road. Rubber trees on both sides. Then I felt a little too strong.
"Here is the whole agriculture, and there is a few cultivated land." When Babu stopped, Sahadeva stopped the train.
We opened the door and came up to the house. A two-story house with an essential size. There are no houses. I am home. In the living room of the living room, there is a sari, peeling tears and uncomfortable face.
"What's wrong with me?" I asked slowly
"Come on here". Pillai sir took me back to the back of the house. I saw it when I got out of the kitchen. The woman's body was covered with a blanket.
"The kids did not wake up, but they did not know anything." I was trying to get out of the room when I was about to go to the next morning, "said Pillai. I gave a gesture to Babu's eyes. Babu went ahead and took Pillai Sir's hand and took me inside.
The body was dead. The head was on the stairs to climb the kitchen from the courtyard .The deep wound on one side of the neck. Blood flowed out of the stairs into the soil. The ants in the courtyard began to arrive. There are signs of a clash in the courtyard. I sat there and sat up in the house. By that time the police had seen the jeep and the two approached the gate.
Pillai sar was still holding his head in the hands of her. I saw the Land phone behind TV Store. He called the DYP and photographer.
By that time the children of Sir came down from the top. Pillai's children started to cry. I 'll be back to you. "
I asked them "the name of the children".
"I'm Shalini, This Is Sabarish"
"Goodbye" When you see the smile of your children, you're going to have a little nervous in mind.
"Children go to the room and say something fresh." I sent them back up. If I had a shop called Babu, I went out and told my child to get something to eat. One walk around the house. From the borders of the yard farming begins. The bunches of the tree were some distance. Small buds started to come from the field. Planted in a week or two
     After a quarter of a hour, the photo has reached the graph. After 10 minutes, we reached the DYS. One of his colleagues from Forensicus included a squad and a dog squad. Then all steps were quickly completed. The police ran through the dog and took away a knife from the plants. Then it ran to the gate and ran away. It was a blade knife that was essential to cutting coconuts. Still there is blood clogging on it.
Speaking to Pillai SAR, he went to the DYSP .http: By then an ambulance went with the body. I told him that I would call him to show up with the DSD driver.
The body was sent to the hospital. I said Babu and Sahadevan Pillai sail to Sarath. By no means noon. When they were in the vehicle, the three were silent.
"I know the house of this Varghese Babu." I immediately asked.
"There are about one kilometer gone from left to right here," I told him to roll from the main road to the left.
It was a great day for me to get back to you. When the jeep saw him he was silent.
A little interest in this area. Name Janardhanan. Babu murmured against me.
"Anyway, I asked him.
"Sir, I bought this car for Varghese, yesterday I gave him the pics, said to get here today to get the car, but his 'mother does not agree'
By that time Verghese's mother came from inside. An old woman.
"Come on Saturdays tomorrow with no crap in my papa. We'll make way for him." I sent him out and jumped up. When the woman saw us, the woman ran away.

"Where are you Varghese?" I suspect my question was a little loud
"I do not know, Surrey took a bag last night and did not tell me when I left, and I would have to go back in two or three days." A woman's eyes dropped a tear from her eyes.

I want to see Varghese's room.
A small house with two rooms. I went to the room where his mother showed him. It is completely cluttered. Something curled up. After an hour and a half, I walked out

I told the elderly one thing, and climbed into the jeep when he told Varghese to come to the station.
"That's probably not in any of the Varghese gulfs in Bombay .. He's probably going to be gone, but he's going to go to Babu's One Railway Station, a three-hour Bombay train from Varghese booked a ticket from this station. . "
When I reached the station station, I was told that there was a DYSP's phone. I immediately called back. I told Valagasy.
"May I leave a CIA tomorrow, and let him inquire," he said.
Later I called my friend at the telephone exchange.

The next day was a busy day. In the morning we reached CI. Gopalakrishnan Sir. Go with him to Pillai's house and take his statement. He did not have much to say to me, I walked around the house again.
On his way back, he went to the town and bought a post mortem report from the hospital. Forensic office was present. The liquor bottle from the house of Varghese I had given me there. He said to look at the finger print.
After half an hour at the station, CI called me and Babu inside. He said to sit in the chair that was in front.

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The Smell of Blood (part-1)

The smell of blood

(Part 1)

At times, the waiter was trying to change her boredom. When you go there you will not know how little son's time to go. I was on a journey. Police's checking is going through. The driver got a petty seat in the seat belt. When I saw the SI, I watched her face somewhere. But he did not get a memory, was in the department for ten and thirty years. An extremely thin boy.
 I closed my eyes slowly. The driver ran away when it was called. "I got my little bag and got out. By giving the pump to the driver, I came to call the anchor and came to the gomegon gate.
"If you go or go somewhere within a week, I'll call it,
I opened the gate and lifted up the raison.
"What's the little cheek of the pickle"
By the time the daughter came out. She bought the bag and walked in.
"Daddy tasted a little more than last time" I sat down to the chair of the sit-out chair without listening to her feelings. The grass began to grow in front of the house. When the last time came, it was a daughter who complained that she did not grow up.
Anyone heard a knife or a knife in the house.
"Hmmm you have new neighbors"
"Forget to tell my father, he is an SI and he is a well-trained father, my father is in bed and I've introduced a maid." My daughter gave me tea.

"Your nose is not calling, but when will you come back?"
"It will be the end of this month .The father then enough to go"
Kannan was saying something. I 'm glad to see you sixty - five - year - old. "

"Daddy would have dramatically changed the dress

"I miss you" slowly threw the ball into his hands.
When he hit, the ball rolled over to the gate. When I went to pick up a bike came out of the gate. It is the first time that we have seen it.

"Uncle chocolate was bought" asked by the Kannan Gate's grip.
By the end of a week, he's feeling good.
"Sukanya's father, I said he would come and I'm here in Sabarish ..."

I got the gate open. He took a chocolate from my pocket and gave me my eyes and followed me.
In a short time, A young man who is sincere and trusted in his job.
He told me to go home when he was free. But after two days, it's better to go.
A clean little house. Sabarish is only time to come. The front door was opened slightly and thrown open. The worker came out of the kitchen and heard the sound. The question was raised on me.
"I am Narayana Das, father of Sukanya in the next house".
"Oh my sar, sabari saar, I have not got tea." When the woman tried to go to the kitchen, she said no
"Shabari's father?"
"Sir, that 's in the room." I opened the door that I pointed to, and I went into the nose. "

I was looking at me and said "Narayan is here"
I left the end and looked at that face. Oh God, this is not old sankara pilla or sir

"I'm still the same, do not you remember me?" There is no change in that voice. The sound heard twenty twenty five and five years ago.
I sat down and sat down
"Sir sabari came out of the bus, I went down and there was a need." The worker opened the door and left it.
Pillaiar replied, "You have to come tomorrow."

"Sure I got to know myself" asked me with a bumped face
Body is older. I'm still the old police carrier. When I was told by Sabari Pawan, I guessed Sukanya's father was that old Narayana Das.

I was taken to Pillai Sir's station. He was not like a regular policeman. CI, even with the loving and respectful behavior of everyone. If you get a case, there will be no sleep until it ends. I was raised as a police officer under Pillai Saar.
"I have been lying down for a year, one thing is tired, and by the end of the Sabaris' training training," I heard all the bruises. "
I 'm not a single person. Drinking and drinking. O my wife 's wife. It was a murder
.................................................. ...............
The cool morning of December 1991. I had a night duty. The phone was heard when I was about to go home in the morning. Narayanan said he would take two men and my wife was killed and my wife was killed. By that time the phone was put on the side. Subsequently, on duty, he took Babu and Sahadevan along to the jeep in the jeep.
Babu says Sir's family history is in the jeep.
"The woman was not okay, but she had a love before she could get to the pilla sir .She was a little hesitant .But the family did not agree .She had gone to Varghese Gulf for some time and then came back to a car Buy here as a taxi "" But it 's just that. "

That story was new to me. I do not have any experience with the locals. I was in a rented house near the station. Get a day's leave and go back home.

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16 January 2019

A Dark Night Dreams (short story)

Beautiful sky

              At night, she noticed that the Facebook notification on the phone was in the eyes of "RAJEEVAN UPDATED HIS STATUS". She immediately read it and immediately saw the photograph of her husband and the lines on which she was lying below it. She started to read it with passion.
"I'm lost for that old king. I'm just a living body with no laughter, laughter, hobbies, dreams or dreams.
Yeah ... maybe you've got to understand that you've lost yourself
You still love a fire that you have never felt in your mind.
Rajeevan "
After reading it she kept the phone down. Her husband's previous impression surprised her
I was not shocked
Even though she was late, she knew about it earlier.
It's been 2 years after the wedding. She could not meet any of the invited phone calls
The expectation of recovery after the collapse was overwhelming
Rajeeve loved her only when she had her own, her own, or her friends
They were only strangers when they were not
'Ding dong' clock was okay.'When she looked at her. Ten o'clock.After the wedding Rajeevan has not come before that.Oh
I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Head k She did not want to eat anything.
I'm not sure if it's going to be a good day for me, but I'm not sure what to do with it. She walked through the face that shouts her face Sreeja is the name of Sreeja. Sreeja is not even called her
No, it's not the case. At 8pm, he was skeptical about what he did not bother her and she looked light on her forehead.
I'm not sure what to do, but it's just the way it is. And it is not.
"My luck ...
Next month is our second wedding anniversary. I can not believe that we've been living together for two years. We only have a husband and a wife in that register.
Yeah, I'd be like a couple in movies or stories, or at least a few moments.But I blamed you
I'm so excited to see how it's going to be a good one.
No ...... "
Then he pulled him out of the room and went back to the room. Then he returned and put the book in front of her hands.
And the vessels again, and after a while she would urannippeayi.kannuturann urakkamunarnnat.samayam neakkiyappea neakkiyappea one to remember it was nine o'clock at night avanayirikkunnu.innale avaleannamparannu.innale the teacup in front of her, she was there, she was there kantilla.appealan it in the book, high srad'dhiccat.aval Q. How has the competition.
She immediately opened it up and saw the new lines where she stopped writing.
"Sree ...... okay my old Raji. Rajeevan who has a laughs and smile, I need my sri lanka. Let's forget this up to now. Let's start a new life from today ... Rajeevan and Sreeja's new life.
If you smile on your lips, drink that cup of tea on top of the table and get into the kitchen immediately. I'm tired of washing my glass and making breakfast.
She smiled and smiled on her lips ...

Raihan Rainu