20 January 2019

The Kiss That Was Not Given

Beautiful kiss

Not gone
I remember that kiss
No hiccups ..

When picked up
That kiss a hoop
To wait ..

In my Pucca
From mates to mates
Fluttering ....

Then we want to tell you
Death ..

Seven in heaven
With the kiss you wanted
I need to fill in ...

I only knew,
Only to kiss you
And that I was dead,
You're my favorite boy ....

                                                    Kottarakkara Shah

19 January 2019

The Seed Bull (beautiful short poem)

The seed bull

Plow the plow of the battlefield
It's a great shooter,
In the Parabrahma temple,
In the monumental
Naga is not a god for gods

In a thousand births,
Forgotten to walk in a fiery,
Can not even put the chill on the ceiling.

Palliya and Pampa,
In the same way,
In grandmothers,
When the child is secretly crafted,
Just a bit odd ...

For the sake of adolescence,
Unbreakable youthful dreams,
Not just a Greek poem ....

We are in the Spirit
Without poisoning
The facts involved,
Incorrect accounts
The new ...

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Very Secret (beautiful short poem)

       Beautiful girls

"No one should know you
Have fun with that coolness
It must be very secret
No one should doubt."

"We need 'coincidence'
Let's look back
Places that are scratched
We need to take ....
The spirit of love
Let the world know..."

"It's like a mad girl
You must laugh ...
That little cat
The beauty of the world ...
Love with the spirit
It is nothing but meditation
All the organs ..."

                                Credit:   Kottarakkara Shah