6 March 2019

The Angel, Beautiful Romantic Story (4)

The Angel, Beautiful Romantic Story  (4)

The Angel
The Angle


I went straight to the class.

I know that I'm waiting for you ..

Top Picks Nazi girl in the classroom

The front of Nazi's hand held her in front of me

"She looked at him and said she did not let her go ..

Nazi smiled all of this and we walked out of college ..

"What's wrong?"
"Waiting for me .. did not go with them .."

"And I'm going to tell you the class I'm going to tell you today,

"Then why?"

"I do not know what to do .."

Hahahahaha .. i'm laughing i'm gone ..

"What are you doing here?"

"Nazi Nazia .. you laugh at what you said ... you'll find the smile of the center where you go.

I will not be able to see you .. I can not see you .. I can not see you .. I can not see you .. I can not help but feel like this .. There's a lot to help me out .. Naziya Nasiana ..

"Oh, let's just call it .. Nanny is calling you .. I'll put you in the bus stops and go home."

I do not even feel a shirt at all in front of a lot of children in college. Nancy was not even aware of the other kids.

She's going to go home from Bazakayiti .. When I get home, what should I hear anymore? At the jasmine she is not sure.

Jasmine's arrival in the kitchen while dining and drinking tea .. It's also a cigarette smile and it's a fancy smile ..

"" I 'm going to be in the middle of a long time,

I'm gonna look jazm ... in the sense that Kallakamelele

 Ummah heard it and smiled, came to my side ..

I'm not sure if it's going to happen .. I'm not sure if it's going to happen, Olck knows better "

 Umchi went to the hall

Hearing this, Jasam gave a head

 "Mmmk never told anything."

 "You know what you knew?"

Jasmine was so stupid that he could not help me and asked me a little .. without having seen a good liar ..

"Do not know what's behind me .. I do not know what to wear .."

"" I'm not sure if you want me to do it .. "

I also went to the hall and went to the room to see Uappa and Ummen face.

I'm not going to tell you what's wrong with me, but I'm not sure what to do ..

In the evening, in the football fields, the thought of that woman is also in mind .. No problem whatsoever, football is a feeling of football.

"Do not play Faisy .. you're here .. what's going to play in the game .. It's also adding the third Tholakal .. Vikaluram jackal for rolling out .."

The answer to Asif's problem is that we are racist ..

"On top of all this is a little girl to catch her in the hands .. to hold the right hand to hold the left hand to take hold of the left .."

It's just a little bit of fun and I'm not sure what to do .. Like fatigue, the ears are slowly closed Started ..

Umuchi was born at the time when the Wabi (a member of the bank) was waking up to remember the day .. ohmakkan mol .. the bottom of the mosque .. NASI .. go to church mosque ..

I can not wait to see her ..

I'm going to be back to home and see why I'm so excited to see her .. Like Pathan Sir Sarkar

Hey .. I was just starting to watch her for a week and so..... Every one came home.

"You went here in the morning."

I'm going to church

I'm going to go to college soon after giving a smile to my mom. I'm going to go to college soon.

On my way I am waiting for the rash's shoulder to go to class.

There I was waiting for someone who was not expecting Rashi...

(to be continued)

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7 February 2019

The Angel! Beautiful romantic story (1)

The Angel! Beautiful romantic story (1)

The Angel
Beautiful girl


"I 'm going to go to the mosque and go to the mosque .."

"Ah, I just reached the phone and you got the phone .. so i'm getting upset ..."

The phone was not going to reply to me and I took the jeep's speed together .. I went to the mosque to go to the mosque so that yesterday's nicosmola was gone.

I do not know what to do ..

"Well, that's just the way I'm going to see Umma mummy today,

"Nick mole is the uniform of this uniform and wearing the cloth .. munching in the mosque goes to the mall Friday .. Nick Uppachi now can i say .. I was told that I was going to the room

"I'm going with the wind .. it's a cloth."

"Hmm .. Going over with the hammer .. she .. let me go to the grave of my mother before going to the gravity .. go all week .."

It was the first time I went to the mall.

I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Sadhu man I had seen the face of the laughter of the day, that proved to be dumbstruck to mannatan..pinnitinn ..

Stop being in the grave of Ullah's tomb and look at the maiden coconut tree closer to the grave ...

Separated from my eyes with tears, slowly, slowly lost kannututaccu kavililekk the fall .. .. nisameal from the life of two people, and prayed nallatilakkan not the hand, I ninnumiranni pallikkattil nisamealute Ahlul slowly .. (member purity) and Ustad lecture into a church during the nisamealute Q. say kettukeantirikkunna Int ..

"Uppichi why did you cry from me"

Without answering me, she told me that the church should be silent and I turned my attention to the lecture again

She had gone to her home in the stomach to go to the station. Two days later she had to work more because she was the SPS leafer.

I'm going to go home and eat nicholt and eat food .. and I was together with her and I was listening to her face while eating a meal ... like a laugh ...

As soon as I remembered the report that was to be delivered to tomorrow's tomorrow, I washed my hands and took my laptop and walked towards the bedroom.
It's just a matter of time, but it's just a matter of time before I die .. You're so nice .. Ummah you're a policeman from my momma ... just like your wish ..

The door opened by the door I stood up with my laptop .. Reini had to lock the door into the bathroom with water to drink and looked at me for a while ... She was lying on the lights slowly and quietly lying down .. I was also busy reading the report.

Suddenly, the laptop was off, and I was lying on the bench. I was sleeping in the sleep.

"Are you sleeping ..."

"Are you sleeping so long time ago?"

"No I'm ... Sleeping ... I'm just asking for something .."

"Oh yeah,

"I'm angry with me ..."

"I'm a liar!

"Let's ask."

"Haha ..."

"Who is this Nazi's diary wrote a lot about her .."

It was a lightning hit by the lightning .. Nazia ... that's the way I forget to put the diary writing onto the shelf ...

"I'm going to go to church with these molestones and look at another grave next to the tomb's tomb. Nishamolu said," That's the grave ... "

Get to know what a reply can be, just like a dumb.

I started to talk slowly to the silence between us.

"Reinhas .. That's one of my needs .. that's why I'm ..."

Before she could speak, her groin could hear me.

I have not been with her eyes anymore ... so she never told her why she could not see this tears.

"Rene .."

When I left unanswered, I got up from the bed and started slowly. My twilight wandered to my side .. Really her thin touch was a relief that I can not tell.

"I'm ..
This is a good thing I have not seen in my life,

Like me ..

"I'm not sleeping, I'm not going to go to the office early in the morning ... I'm staying in bed .. I'm not a peace ... I think about her"

I'm just lying down and shifting her head on the bed .. the pasta in her hair is talliadi .. know my touch of touch and she came close to me and laying my head on my chest

"Rene .."

"What's Right"

"I do not want to tell you anything, but I do not know how long you have come to know .. How much time do you need to eat?

"I do not know what i want to know about my sadness .. I looked at whose grave we cried this time .."

When I started to tell you, I could see the face of the bedroom in the bed lamp's lamp.

(to be continued...)

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The Angel.. Beautiful romantic story (2)

The Angel.. Beautiful romantic story (2)

The Angel
Beautiful romantic story (varandha)


 I was born Faisen, one of the twin twins of Ali Hajya's wealthiest people.

The only thing I have ever heard is that the word "difficulty" may have been my life

The rich man was not a pride but there was no scope to spend money on the needs of the others .. The poor and the poor were always at home. That's why we have children in the eyes of our people ..

So in the tests in the plus two class I was jamming when I was looking for admission to the school. Both got good results and got the admission in the government college too.

The first time I went to college with Jasmine and I was in college on what kind of college life will be ..

I miss Rachy day .. I was with my shadow.

In the morning, when the class life was realized, the days of the holidays were the days of the class.

I've been trying to play football in the morning and I've been regularly stumbled on the call of Umma .. when time was too late ... hurried up quickly and moved to college.

During the interval after the first two peres, Rashi came to me saying

'Tas Faizi Your Jasmine is out of class at class.'

Jazm up the face and the face of the face.

When asked about the matter she started to complain

"When the first day of the college, Afsal from our same batch, we started to be disturbed by her after she started walking .. first she was talking about the conversation .. then that's where she goes and she's upset.
"How can you beat my gold jasmine? How can I do it?" "

"I'm not going to tell you what's wrong with me,

"Oh you're hot just do it .. I'm Rashi and you're going to class .."

Jasmine monday searching

When the problem was told to Rashi, he was richer than ruthless to beat him .. So he walked towards Afzal's class ..

He looked at his class, but he did not find it because he looked out and walked and walked in and ran to talk to a woman in the nearest step of the library.

"Tas Faizi, you can talk nice to us first .. He's the one to be the last company with the seniors .."

"" I 'm sorry,

"That's the dare I'm not going to dare .. I'm going to like the shabana of the class .. she's got to put on some of the things that's up to me .. the problem that's OK now .. nick I'm fine here,

Rashi came to the edge of Afzal when he was in the verandah. Rashi came to him in the afternoon, calling him up and talking to me .. I was running away

"I'm not going to let you go .. I'm not going to go back to you. I walked out of the way and from the back of Afzal

"That's the way we're going to come here to make Afzal the shock of children .. If you're shocked enough .. then you can look at the cargo that's nice to see if you can either follow it or your daughter or whoever you are .."

Turning his hand on the thumb of his face, he fell on the thighs of Rashi.

 .. what do you think of yourself, come to the place where you have come to shout out? You do not need to be jaded in court. You are not a member of this college.
Rashi's angry face looked me in the scene .. we went around a little kids in Varandha.

"Faizi is a problem .. Shabana does not like or does not want to come .. but that's not the case .."

Laughing rash

"If you do not get tired, I'm trampling to him .. go soon to go to class or see if the seniors will have trouble .."

At the time when I started to walk to the class and walk to the class .. Afzal I was at the footing of a girl who was sitting on the floor ... as she was looking for something that was lost in her hand, she was unable to see her face

Girls and boys looked at a respectful look when I returned to class ..

The watch was in the hands of looking at Afzal and he came to see the table in the nearby table. Wrapped up the watch that he told me to watch her with a cash watch of 10,000 rupees. So hurry to the side where Afzal was holding the watch.

I'm not sure if it's going to happen ..

"You want to get out of here alone.

Let's hear my speech from the back and look at my face

I 'm going to be in love with you

"I've been asked for a help to my Umchi college. I have purchased an ek where I got the pen.

"Who's Afzal?

"I'm a new admissions .. I'm a new admirer .. here is the first time i come to class .. I've been with my girlfriends .. I do not know where to go .. Let's go .. I find that pen and that's my mom Gifty .. "

I said below, I was looking down at the bottom of her feet.

It took her hand and gave it to her

"That's not the pen that you searched for so long .. but do not you see that .. you do not have to look so close .."

"Thank you Eka .. Then my class is up .. I do not ask you .. I do not have any eye"

With her smile

"If it is difficult for me to get this step, let's help .. I'll leave it alone .."

I do not even ask for her permission, but I have to go back to the white hands with a golden hairs .. I'm gonna be grabbed by my hands and start shocking my mind.

I saw a beautiful girl holding me by the hand and looked at us amazingly.

After the step, I did not want to leave that hand. So that's where she went along with her class .. another one was standing on the edge of the door .. someone else .. jasmine ..

She's in class and i am slowly getting hold of her in my hand ..

"I forgot to get acquainted .. my name is Nasia..Is here a little more home .. Ikka's name is .."

She's a smile, a smile, and a smile that smells the stars with the blue blond ..
"Faisen .. I see again in order to start class .."

I dont know what i am ..
 With a smile

On the way you go to Jasmine's class, I'll show you with my hand.

I'm going to go to class ..

(to be continued)

Nb: The death of the mother when plate on the first plateau written in the first paragraph is requested to be corrected when studying degrees.
The part of this park is so late due to some personal problem. The next part will come soon to you .. With love.

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6 February 2019

The Angel.. Beautiful Romantic Story (3)

The Angel.. Beautiful Romantic Story (3)

The Angel!! 
Beautiful romantic story


It was a blue whale in the red lattice that was going back to class.

 The whole thing around Rashi is in the middle of the discussion .. The debate is on the day .. Good kanthiyanthi .. shabana with the listening of the list ..

After loading the bag in the bench and dropping off the head for some time

Rashi told me that all of them are called as Pothan and there is a sign that there is a crazy business of the kids without the teachings of the kids. S call

"Tai faisin i am you .."

I do not know what to do ..

"I'm not sure if I'm going to be in a hurry,

The kids in the class were looking at me wonderfully.

I'm not sure I'm seeing you ..

"Oh, you do not have to do such virtuous deeds .. or the college girl in the classroom about this class .. complain about .. there's no one to go on the road .. let me know any more .. I'm going to say .. the chellan .."

The whole chemistry turned around and turned to the bench.

"The saint wrote yesterday to write to write .."

I did not smile in the sense that there was no smile ..

Thank you in the mind of my dear, and to show Saran some of the faces I've been working on outside the class .. Rashi was shaking.

We will not be able to show it to you.

"Daddy .. all the things that happened along with the last one of the feminine me .. Forget the truth .. the truth is that girl .. you see her in her hand .."

"I do not know tah rasiye penney .. i do not see the eye .. it's going to make it in class .. ta phaaya thanni waat orkki i will die now .."

Rashie took off and went back to the bench and started thinking about something

"I do not know what the girl is in college .. I do not see the eye of the child .. you have to take her in my hand and go to all aunt muttu munduu .. without having to take care of herself .."

"It was nice to see him good minda .. TA had Afzal gone with him.

"I do not think that's what you're doing,

"What else is that .."

"Lady love"

"Rick .. I'm one of them .. I do not know what to do for the first time .. And then as you say I'm not in love with this painful love .. a help .."

"I do not know what to do.

"That's the first thing you need to do is go to canteen .."

So, with Rashi, I walked to Kantine and walked to the class of Nazia, and I was eagerly waiting for someone to come to Nazi.

"I 'm going to have a look at you,

"That's golden .. I'm so cute in this college .. so hurry up soon enough .."

I'm Rashi walks in and going to her.

"Faisica .. you came and lehe .. I was thinking of somebody coming here."

This is the first time i saw a girl ..

'Daddy, do not you see her eyes? Let's see how come we did not know' Rashi rushed my face to the teeth with a question.

"Nasia, do not you see your eyes? Then I realized I was coming."
"Oh yeah .. I understood that .. I've used a good perfume .. I've got a smile of the same perfume that was already gone with me.

Like the king who won the war, the breast of the sleeves made it straight and I looked at Rash's face.

I mean the truth

"I'm going to help myself with my girls .. There's only two girls in my class .. not even two mentions .. I need to go down .. it's necessary .."

"What's wrong .."

Rashi apoeku starts with Olippiera

"Itara Faizica .."

"Rashid .. I'm afraid she's in Shaban on Onk's class .."

I just can not wait to get out of the way.

"I'm .. toilet in the toilet .. do not worry .."

 Nazi's reply to you suddenly

"I'll put you up to the bottom right. Let's look at some guys out there."

"I can catch you in my hand.

"Oh yeah .. you r .. be sure you want to go and go to canteen .."

Nazi to shirt like a shadow on my back .. I slowly stepped up the speed of walking, stepping down with the speed of walking and the stroke of the walk to avoid difficulty .. I was looking at Nazi's blue eye without Rashi. It was a diamond.

The last step is from the bottom of the stage, and I'm out of the way. I'll be back to the toilet .. At the time of the jasmine, I remember the jazz.

Jasmine called her and told her to go and meet her

Jasmin sitting without understanding anything from the end

So Jammy's hand in hand went over to Nazi toilet ..

Jasmin Nazi put me in the class and smiled with a load of smile on his face.

As i got down from the class ..

"Faisika Andara is the lover of Ika .. Is not it difficult for me?"

A question of Nazi

"No, my sister is .. jasmine .. then you have a hard time .. can you sit down there or sit down and sit down .. you heard me"

Nazi is a smile in my lap ...

This is not the case. Rashi .. he was telling someone else

Nazi was a classmate of the day, and I went to the rat and walked to the canteen.

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21 January 2019

The Smell Of Blood (part-3)

The Smell Of Blood (part-3)

The smell of blood

(Part 3)

"What do you feel?" Asked CI
I searched for this Varghese and his past is not good, he planned to plan all the way, and plan to sell his car to Bombay with his wife, Palli Sir's wife. "Two tickets for the Bombay train He asked .he asked T & T has reported that the travel of the karril. " I stopped saying it
Pillai said, "Malathi was a big woman and had some ornaments, and sometimes they walked down to go and then Varghese, who had changed minds, would kill them and go into it." The CIA postmortem report said with a keen eye.
 "Some of the nerves have been cut down, some of them have been cut down and some of the blood has fled, and immediately after the death of an accident he died.
By the time the call came from Forensic. My alcohol bottle that I gave was that the finger print print match and the blood of the fist.

"CI got up to get up," I said, "I'm going to be back

"Sir, there was one more thing, but I do not know whether it is important."

'The word'

"Sally .Pillar sir said that he had come to know the news of the death in the morning .I have seen him at around six o'clock in the morning, but at two o'clock in the morning there was another call from the phone." Pillai Sir's friend Purushothan Vakkil said "

"The evidence is against those Varghese, because everything is doubtful because he is new and tomorrow I will send the report to the SP office."

Get out of the CI station.
Pillai Sir Leve came back again two weeks later .I was stuck in Bombay for Bombay Varghese in the middle of it. But there was no trumpet.
One month later, I was transferred to my home.
I have something to tell him about Narayana. I would not hide it "
Pillai Sir's voice awakened me from the past.

"I know you're going to say sorry, and I'm playing a role in the drama written by Purushothaman Vakkilee and I remember my children, and I was able to escape with the well-known criminal lawyer, when I came home with Gopalakrishnan, I found out that one of those bamboo beds Throw Varghese and got the following. A lawyer came to court, but there was no driver that Varghese was on a train to Bombay antyavisramam It was a lawyer who traveled by the driver. Wow, when I came to Bombay in order to investigate Varghese. No I do not. "
When I stopped, I started telling Pillai sar, "I knew the relationship with Varghese, but when I remembered my children, I could not say anything, I was very angry with her and I was very much in love with him" he sighed.
'It was an ox with a lamb. Malathi was very close to sleeping. " It was then that the conversation was heard from the back of the house. The bag went all out for Malathi to go. I begged her not to give up their children. Varghese took me out of the kitchen and took out a knife in the fear of her mind. It turned out that I was not able to withstand the Malathi from that crack. When I saw the rush jumped, I could not stand. Wandering inside my fist and cut off Varghese's neck. When I arrived at Malathi, who confirmed that it was all over, she too had a last breath.
I decided to give a grip. Then remembered about the children ..... when he called the saint and told him to do what he was saying. One of the beds that I planted two weeks earlier I dug it again. With the inside of it, it was six at the time that the clump was pulled over. Then he cut down and threw it to the toe.
The next day she was told to tell herself. But could not "
Pillai Sir was blinded and blinded.
I walked out slowly
When I reached the road, I found Sabri on my bike. He was asking something. I did not hear anything. Varghese's mother's smiling face was still in mind. She did not know that she had killed her son by spending two years after the incident that helped her with the money that she could afford. If you knew you would not buy it .......


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The Smell Of Blood (part-2)

The Smell Of Blood (part-2)

The smell of blood

(Part 2)

"I'm telling you the truth."
"Yes, Sure, Varghese has come to the house of Pillai Sir.
From the jeep main road to the uninterrupted road. Rubber trees on both sides. Then I felt a little too strong.
"Here is the whole agriculture, and there is a few cultivated land." When Babu stopped, Sahadeva stopped the train.
We opened the door and came up to the house. A two-story house with an essential size. There are no houses. I am home. In the living room of the living room, there is a sari, peeling tears and uncomfortable face.
"What's wrong with me?" I asked slowly
"Come on here". Pillai sir took me back to the back of the house. I saw it when I got out of the kitchen. The woman's body was covered with a blanket.
"The kids did not wake up, but they did not know anything." I was trying to get out of the room when I was about to go to the next morning, "said Pillai. I gave a gesture to Babu's eyes. Babu went ahead and took Pillai Sir's hand and took me inside.
The body was dead. The head was on the stairs to climb the kitchen from the courtyard .The deep wound on one side of the neck. Blood flowed out of the stairs into the soil. The ants in the courtyard began to arrive. There are signs of a clash in the courtyard. I sat there and sat up in the house. By that time the police had seen the jeep and the two approached the gate.
Pillai sar was still holding his head in the hands of her. I saw the Land phone behind TV Store. He called the DYP and photographer.
By that time the children of Sir came down from the top. Pillai's children started to cry. I 'll be back to you. "
I asked them "the name of the children".
"I'm Shalini, This Is Sabarish"
"Goodbye" When you see the smile of your children, you're going to have a little nervous in mind.
"Children go to the room and say something fresh." I sent them back up. If I had a shop called Babu, I went out and told my child to get something to eat. One walk around the house. From the borders of the yard farming begins. The bunches of the tree were some distance. Small buds started to come from the field. Planted in a week or two
     After a quarter of a hour, the photo has reached the graph. After 10 minutes, we reached the DYS. One of his colleagues from Forensicus included a squad and a dog squad. Then all steps were quickly completed. The police ran through the dog and took away a knife from the plants. Then it ran to the gate and ran away. It was a blade knife that was essential to cutting coconuts. Still there is blood clogging on it.
Speaking to Pillai SAR, he went to the DYSP .http: By then an ambulance went with the body. I told him that I would call him to show up with the DSD driver.
The body was sent to the hospital. I said Babu and Sahadevan Pillai sail to Sarath. By no means noon. When they were in the vehicle, the three were silent.
"I know the house of this Varghese Babu." I immediately asked.
"There are about one kilometer gone from left to right here," I told him to roll from the main road to the left.
It was a great day for me to get back to you. When the jeep saw him he was silent.
A little interest in this area. Name Janardhanan. Babu murmured against me.
"Anyway, I asked him.
"Sir, I bought this car for Varghese, yesterday I gave him the pics, said to get here today to get the car, but his 'mother does not agree'
By that time Verghese's mother came from inside. An old woman.
"Come on Saturdays tomorrow with no crap in my papa. We'll make way for him." I sent him out and jumped up. When the woman saw us, the woman ran away.

"Where are you Varghese?" I suspect my question was a little loud
"I do not know, Surrey took a bag last night and did not tell me when I left, and I would have to go back in two or three days." A woman's eyes dropped a tear from her eyes.

I want to see Varghese's room.
A small house with two rooms. I went to the room where his mother showed him. It is completely cluttered. Something curled up. After an hour and a half, I walked out

I told the elderly one thing, and climbed into the jeep when he told Varghese to come to the station.
"That's probably not in any of the Varghese gulfs in Bombay .. He's probably going to be gone, but he's going to go to Babu's One Railway Station, a three-hour Bombay train from Varghese booked a ticket from this station. . "
When I reached the station station, I was told that there was a DYSP's phone. I immediately called back. I told Valagasy.
"May I leave a CIA tomorrow, and let him inquire," he said.
Later I called my friend at the telephone exchange.

The next day was a busy day. In the morning we reached CI. Gopalakrishnan Sir. Go with him to Pillai's house and take his statement. He did not have much to say to me, I walked around the house again.
On his way back, he went to the town and bought a post mortem report from the hospital. Forensic office was present. The liquor bottle from the house of Varghese I had given me there. He said to look at the finger print.
After half an hour at the station, CI called me and Babu inside. He said to sit in the chair that was in front.

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The Smell of Blood (part-1)

The Smell of Blood (part-1)

The smell of blood

(Part 1)

At times, the waiter was trying to change her boredom. When you go there you will not know how little son's time to go. I was on a journey. Police's checking is going through. The driver got a petty seat in the seat belt. When I saw the SI, I watched her face somewhere. But he did not get a memory, was in the department for ten and thirty years. An extremely thin boy.
 I closed my eyes slowly. The driver ran away when it was called. "I got my little bag and got out. By giving the pump to the driver, I came to call the anchor and came to the gomegon gate.
"If you go or go somewhere within a week, I'll call it,
I opened the gate and lifted up the raison.
"What's the little cheek of the pickle"
By the time the daughter came out. She bought the bag and walked in.
"Daddy tasted a little more than last time" I sat down to the chair of the sit-out chair without listening to her feelings. The grass began to grow in front of the house. When the last time came, it was a daughter who complained that she did not grow up.
Anyone heard a knife or a knife in the house.
"Hmmm you have new neighbors"
"Forget to tell my father, he is an SI and he is a well-trained father, my father is in bed and I've introduced a maid." My daughter gave me tea.

"Your nose is not calling, but when will you come back?"
"It will be the end of this month .The father then enough to go"
Kannan was saying something. I 'm glad to see you sixty - five - year - old. "

"Daddy would have dramatically changed the dress

"I miss you" slowly threw the ball into his hands.
When he hit, the ball rolled over to the gate. When I went to pick up a bike came out of the gate. It is the first time that we have seen it.

"Uncle chocolate was bought" asked by the Kannan Gate's grip.
By the end of a week, he's feeling good.
"Sukanya's father, I said he would come and I'm here in Sabarish ..."

I got the gate open. He took a chocolate from my pocket and gave me my eyes and followed me.
In a short time, A young man who is sincere and trusted in his job.
He told me to go home when he was free. But after two days, it's better to go.
A clean little house. Sabarish is only time to come. The front door was opened slightly and thrown open. The worker came out of the kitchen and heard the sound. The question was raised on me.
"I am Narayana Das, father of Sukanya in the next house".
"Oh my sar, sabari saar, I have not got tea." When the woman tried to go to the kitchen, she said no
"Shabari's father?"
"Sir, that 's in the room." I opened the door that I pointed to, and I went into the nose. "

I was looking at me and said "Narayan is here"
I left the end and looked at that face. Oh God, this is not old sankara pilla or sir

"I'm still the same, do not you remember me?" There is no change in that voice. The sound heard twenty twenty five and five years ago.
I sat down and sat down
"Sir sabari came out of the bus, I went down and there was a need." The worker opened the door and left it.
Pillaiar replied, "You have to come tomorrow."

"Sure I got to know myself" asked me with a bumped face
Body is older. I'm still the old police carrier. When I was told by Sabari Pawan, I guessed Sukanya's father was that old Narayana Das.

I was taken to Pillai Sir's station. He was not like a regular policeman. CI, even with the loving and respectful behavior of everyone. If you get a case, there will be no sleep until it ends. I was raised as a police officer under Pillai Saar.
"I have been lying down for a year, one thing is tired, and by the end of the Sabaris' training training," I heard all the bruises. "
I 'm not a single person. Drinking and drinking. O my wife 's wife. It was a murder
.................................................. ...............
The cool morning of December 1991. I had a night duty. The phone was heard when I was about to go home in the morning. Narayanan said he would take two men and my wife was killed and my wife was killed. By that time the phone was put on the side. Subsequently, on duty, he took Babu and Sahadevan along to the jeep in the jeep.
Babu says Sir's family history is in the jeep.
"The woman was not okay, but she had a love before she could get to the pilla sir .She was a little hesitant .But the family did not agree .She had gone to Varghese Gulf for some time and then came back to a car Buy here as a taxi "" But it 's just that. "

That story was new to me. I do not have any experience with the locals. I was in a rented house near the station. Get a day's leave and go back home.

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