7 June 2020

How can a man know if a Woman is Virgin

How can a man know if a Woman is Virgin
How to identify physical signs of lost virginity
According to the traditional Chinese philosophy Yang, there are many ways to determine if a girl is a virgin.  From the differences in body parts and the changes in the organs, it is possible to determine whether a woman is a virgin or is having sex.

How can a man know if a woman is virgin
 The Chinese have discovered this mainly by looking at changes in the color and shape of certain parts of the body.  Let us see what they are and how to differentiate them.

These are Top 6 physical signs of to identify lost virginity
1. Forehead
 Women with smooth foreheads are a sign of virginity.  Wrinkles on the forehead can cause wrinkles after having sex.

This is different from the wrinkles that come with age.  These stripes on the forehead are very thin, but they are numerous.

2. The nose
 The tip of the nose of a virgin girl is red.  The tip of the nose of a girl who is not a virgin is pale red or pale.
How can a man know if a woman is virgin
3. Eyes
 A sunglass girl cannot keep her eyes open for long.  Similarly, when a non-virgin woman laughs, she can see wrinkles near her eyes.

4. The hemispheres
 The virgin woman's buttocks are firm and fleshy.  But with the loss of virginity they will be gone.  The size of the palms will also increase.  The change in hormones and the movement of parts of the body causes the appearance of changes.

5. Handbags
 A woman with rough hands is less likely to be a virgin.  She will miss the virginity of her hands.  Even if the letters in your right hand are drawn with the letter, it means not a virgin.

6. Earrings
 The earrings are the mainstay of the Chinese.  According to Chinese belief, the health of a person is perceived by his ears.  The ears of a virgin woman are beautiful and clean.  When you engage in sexual intercourse, you can see the obvious changes in the ears.  The red color of their ears will turn into a pale red.
How to identify physical signs of lost virginity
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