5 May 2020

Top 7 Qualities of using Ghee

Top 7 Qualities of using Ghee
When you hear ghee, you will rub yourself, fat, and cholesterol.  But there are many advantages that we do not know about the ghee that comes under the tag 'Unhealthy'.

 1. Strengthens the bone
 Ghee contains vitamin K.  Vitamin K is essential for maintaining calcium in the skin.

 2. Ghee helps in losing weight
 Ghee is said to contain omega-6 fatty acids.
This can make you lose weight.  Bollywood stars Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor claim to be consuming ghee every day and that is the secret to their beauty.

 3. A repository of vitamins
 Ghee contains vitamins A, D and E.  Vitamin A is needed for posture, vitamin E for skin, and vitamin D for calcium intake.

4. Good for digestion
 If ghee enters the stomach, it will help produce digestive juices.  It accelerates digestion.

 5. Resistance
 Ghee is great for the body's immunity.  This is because ghee contains antioxidants.
6.Good for hair and skin
 Eating ghee is good for hair health and skin care.

7. For beauty
 Ghee is good for dry skin and anti-aging.  Ghee is also good for fighting dark spots around the eyes.
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