5 May 2020

How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones

How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 Basic Requirements
  • PC / Laptop
  • original data cable (some of the third party data cable is charge only.)
  • Data connection
  • Left charge of minimum 60%
  • patience 😀
 #Step 1
 • If this thought comes to your mind, the first thing you need to do is get into xda developers and look at your phone's thread.
 • Custom rom available on your device, custom kernal, patches, how to unlock bootloader, etc .. will be available here.

 #Step 2
 • Unlock bootloader
 • This is one of the must do things on your phone and must.
 • The bootloader is different for many devices.  You can complete this step by looking at Xda developers as well as Youtube.
 • Unlocking this will result in data loss on newly unloaded devices.  Back it up.
 • The bootloader unlocking seemed to me to be the new Samsung devices

 #Step 3
 • install custom recovery
 • Here is the main part.
 • Custom ROM can be flash in two ways.
 • One by using adb commands and through the computer.
 • Through two custom recovery.
 • This is one of the most simple methed custom recovery experience.
 • All phones have inbuilt recovery.
 • But it cannot be used to flash custom ROM.
 • There are many ways of custom recovery.  Some of them are listed below.

  1. TWRP
  2. Orange fox recovery
  3. pitch black recovery
  4. -etc ..
Flashing one of these is mandatory. I'm recording orange fox recovery.
• Before flashing, you must have downloaded the phone's latest fastboot ROM and saved it to the system.  What this means is that if the phone goes brick by accident, you may want to bring it back to the working condition.
How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
 • Fastboot ROM
 Common stock devices have two types of stock (phone's original) ROM available.
  -recovery rom (Installs with phone's stock recovery
  -fastboot rom (The phone's original ROM can be installed with your computer. If you accidentally change your phone or brick or install a custom ROM and switch back to the original.  How to do it Your phone's name  To search Youtube to that of fastboot rom install.)
 • Install twrp now.Guide xda developers il available on youtube.

 #Step 4
 • Install Custom ROM
 • Here you need a custom ROM.
 • Up to date custom ROM and xda thread of your device will be available
 • Below is some well-known custom ROM.
 -Potato Open Source Project
 -Bootleggers ROM
 -AOSP Extended
 -Liquid Remix
 -Resurrection Remix
 -MSM Xtended
 -Bliss OS
 -pixel plus ui

• Most of it is gapps or Google Apps included ROM.
 Look and understand XDA.
• Some ROMs will have its patches and download it too.
 The following is a basic installation, and may be useful for some ROMs.
 In XDA, each ROM installation is located on its ROM page.
How To Install Custom ROM In Android Phones
  • open twrp or Orange fox
  • go to wipe
  • tick all except Usb OTG and SD Card then Wipe
  • connect Your Device to the Computer
  • copy the downloaded custom rom in Internal Storage or SD card.
  • install latest firmware (if required)
  • install the Custom Rom zip file.
  • install patch files (if required)
  • install gapps (if required)
  • install magisk (magisk is a tool for rooting the phone and can be installed if needed)
  • install dm varity force encrypt (if required)
  • reboot to system
• The above is only for one X-ramp.  Depending on the device or custom ROM, this may change.
• Take a good look at Xda and Youtube.
• Try watching latest videos on Youtube.
• Be aware that the phone brick and the boot loop are coming up because the process is not correct.
• Videos are available on Youtube

 Users of Custom rom can comment below about the custom ROM they are using.
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