14 September 2019

Realme 5 Pro Review: Specifications, Great Price for 48MP Quad Cameras - Reogallery.com

RealMe 5 Pro with 48MP quad camera;  Review
The Realmi 5 and Realmi 5 Pro are the first quad camera smartphones launched by the Chinese Nez smartphone brand Realmy.  The Realmi 5 Pro features a quad camera system with a 48 megapixel main sensor.  The phone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 715 AIE processor and has a 4030mAh battery.  Let's get acquainted with the Realmi 5 Pro smartphone.
Realme 5 Pro Review: Getting in the box
  The Realmi 5 Pro comes with a phone, charger adapter, USB cable and back cover.  It has a black transparent cover instead of a transparent white back cover. It also comes with Wook's fast charger.
Realme 5 Pro Review: Design
  Realmie brings many innovations in design.  The body of the Realmi 5 Pro smartphone is made of polycarbonate and glass.  The Realmi 5 smartphone arrives after the Realmi X, which comes with the pop-up camera, but the Realmi 5 Pro is not a more premium version than the Realmi X.

   The Realmi 5 Pro is the successor to the Realmi 3 Pro.  It has a holographic gradient back design.  The volume buttons and SIM tray are provided on the left side of the phone.  The power button is also provided on the right.
  It landed after Realmy X but not the pop-up camera.  It has a notch screen instead.  The selfie camera is provided inside the notch.
  The quad camera and fingerprint scanner are placed on the back of the phone.  It has a 48MP main sensor at the top and three other cameras at the bottom.  They are eight megapixel ultra wide, two MP portrait and two MP macro lenses.  The camera on the Realmi 5 Pro has LED flash on the right side of it.  It has a reversible Type C charging port.
  This is a 6.3-inch Full HD Plus IPS LCD display in Realmy 5 Pro.  The company claims that the phone has a screen ratio of 90%.  The processor is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.
Realme 5 Pro Review: Performance excellence
   The phone comes with four GB, six GB and eight GB RAM variants.  The Realmi 5 Pro also comes with 64GB and 128GB internal storage options.  The microSD card can be used up to 256 GB.  Both SIM cards and memory cards can be used simultaneously.  It runs on Android OS based Color OS 6.0.
  The phone offers a great multi-tasking experience.  The phone works more smoothly.  The 5 Pro is great for playing pub games.  Pabzi had installed and checked the game phone.  The hassle-free gameplay is possible on the phone.
Realme 5 Pro Review: 48MP quad camera
  The question of how the quad camera system works can be questioned.  The camera system includes ultra-wide and portrait macro senses along with a 48MP camera.  The Realmi 5 Pro camera is therefore great for capturing landscape images, capturing portraits, and capturing small images with better focus.  Support for these sensors combines modes, including NightScape and Chroma Boost, which are already available in the Realmi Camera app.  In nightscap mode, you can take a few pictures with maximum noise in low light.  There is also a special option in camera settings to capture 48 megapixel images.
Realme 5 Pro Review: Battery
   There is a charge to use all day.  The 4030mAh battery is capable of fast charging.  For this, the phone comes with Wook's 20 watt fast charger.  The battery doesn't bother us in terms of charge.  However, data usage, Bluetooth, and location services can affect battery charge.
Realme 5 Pro Review: Evaluation
 The phone, which is backed by a Snapdragon 712 processor, is priced at Rs 15999.  This is the same price range as the phones that Realmi has introduced earlier.  The 64 MP quad camera system has the advantage.  It has sizes that fit in the palm of your hand.  Redmi Note 7 Pro, Realmi X, Vivo Zed One Pro, Samsung Galaxy M30, Galaxy A30 and Honor 20 ല്ലാം are all competitors in the market.  The Realmi 5 Pro is the ideal phone for those looking to buy a phone for less than Rs. 20000.