9 September 2019

Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications

32.5MP FullSensor 4K Recording 90D; Canon Introducing the M6 ​​II to the market
Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications
EOS M6 II vs Canon EOS 90D
Generally speaking, DSLRs are going to be "extinct" soon.  Canon and Nikon companies, known for their cameras, have also announced that they may be releasing some DSLRs.  Anyway, Canon, the world's largest camera maker, has unveiled its EOS 90D and M6 Mark 2 bodies with their APS-C sensors.  Of these, 90D is the DSLR.  Both cameras have a fully refreshed 32.5MP sensor.
Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications
Both cameras have 4K video recording capability.
One of the allegations against Canon was that the 4K video recording was placed at the center of the sensor.  The good news for Canon enthusiasts is that 4K video recording can be done using the full sensor surface of the new cameras.

RF Lenses
  Along with the cameras, Canon has also released new lenses for the full-frame mirrorless mounted RF.  Canon's rivals are seen far behind when it comes to landing lenses in the mirrorless camera scene.  Even though we accept the claim that Canon is a little behind in sensor manufacturing, the new lenses underscore the fact that the company is far behind the lens manufacturer.  RF15-35mmF2.8 L IS USM (840 grams) and RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM (900 grams) with image stabilization have just been released.
Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications
    Canon says that both lenses can get up to 5 stops of stabilization.  The problem is that both lenses have good weight.  The new 24-70 video shooter is also made with in mind.  The company says it has relatively little focus breathing.  Dual sensing is what the company calls the image stabilization embedded in both lenses.  The information from the camera's sensor can also be used to minimize the possible shaking of the images.  It will also work with digital image stabilization inside the camera.  Since both lenses are aimed at professional shooters, so is the price, and each lens costs $ 2300.

 The 70-200mm lens has been shown to have shocking design capabilities on the lenses that are unloaded for Canon's RF mount.  News of this has already been released.  The company is also expected to launch this brand in 2019.
Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications
Let’s take a closer look at the cameras
   The 90D, supposed to be one of the last DSLRs, is the successor to the current 80D.  But the 7D series, Canon's best-ever APS-C body, is no longer unveiled.  There are also those who argue that the 90D should be viewed as a successor.  Companies may have to decide which DSLR sequences to continue as they may be for sale.  It is speculated that Nikon may stop all its crop sensor DSLRs.  Anyway, Canon's new 90D comes with a sensor with 32.5MP resolution as mentioned above.  There are currently no such resolution crop sensors.  The camera has the latest DG8 processor.  One of its main capabilities is that it can shoot up to 10 frames per second with autofocus.  If you don't want autofocus, you can take 11 photos per second.  This may be attractive to wildlife photographers.  But since the body doesn't have the 7D's, it remains to be seen how many wildlife photographers will like it.  The body price of the camera is $ 1199.

M6 Mark 2 (EOS M6 Mark II)
   The EOS M6 Mark II is Canon's mirrorless camera focusing on the 32.5MP sensor seen above.  The M mount is unloaded before the main mirrorless camera mount RF.  It attracted a lot of users.  But there have been reports that the series may be canceled due to the arrival of the new RF mount.  This is because Canon may have backed out when Nikon shifted its APS-C cameras to their Z mount.  However, the company has decided to continue the M series for a while.
Canon EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II - Price, and Specifications
   Everything in the 90D seen above is possible with this camera.  However, the body does not have a viewfinder.  The only way to see it is by buying and installing an electronic viewfinder.  Otherwise the shooting will be dependent on the PINLCD.  The LCD is touch screen.  Unlike the 90D, it can shoot with 14 frame frames per second.  Another feature is the RAW burst mode, which can take up to 30 frames per second.  Before the shutter is pressed, the camera captures what happened in the half-second.  The body cost of the camera is $ 850.
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