9 September 2019

Apple Tag spotted in iOS 13; it may be a personal item tracker like Tile

Apple arrives with new smart tracking device;  Let's get acquainted with the 'Apple Tag'
The company is building a special smart tracking tool that can help you avoid losing or missing bags, purses and other accessories.  The apple tag, as it is called, is probably the smallest device.  It is known by the code name 'B389' within the company.  The Mac Rumors website states that it will be linked to the Find My app of iOS 13, which will be available next month.  Find Me My iPhone and Find My Friends apps are coming together.
‘Find My’ is said to have three tabs.  The third tab is Find My Items.  This is something that the user's inventory can be lost and lost.  You will receive a notification when your apple tag goes out of your purse (purse, bag, etc.).  Then when you press the Find My App button, the tracker makes a loud sound.  This is the case with all Bluetooth trackers.

 But the next part is more interesting.  If your property is lost for any reason, the Find Find App will be listed as one of the missing items.  Now if any other iPhone owner finds your lost item, give them your phone number and so on.  You will also receive information about the person who discovered the property at this time!
 Another advantage is the augmented reality capability embedded in the Apple tag.
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