9 September 2019

100 Million Subscribers; YouTube Launched New Creator Award | New Play Button

10 crore subscribers;  YouTube launches new creator award | New YouTube Play Button
YouTube Creator Awards are given to YouTube creators as an incentive for subscribers to cross each stage.  YouTube has been awarded three categories - Silver, Gold and Diamond.
 The Silver Creator Award is for channels that receive 1 lakh subscribers.  This is the silver Youtube logo.  The channel which receives 10 lakh subscribers will be awarded the Gold Creator Award with a golden logo and the Diamond Award with a diamond logo for the channel which receives one crore subscribers.
Recently, YouTube channels such as Teaseries and PewDiepie have crossed all these limits and gained over 10 crore subscribers.  YouTube has created a new creator award.
   It is named the Red Diamond Creator Award.  The award features a Youtube logo in red, and it features a diamond-shaped YouTube logo.
 YouTube has also shared a video of it.
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