15 August 2019

Top five best paying IT jobs in the country

Top five best paying IT jobs in the country
   Over the past five years, many companies have seen significant growth in the technology sector, with many companies consolidating their IT division.  The ability of the top IT companies to provide the best salaries for the tech talent is enhancing the potential of the sector.  Reports from the job site INRIDE confirm this.  India's IT world is booming in the big cities of Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.  So these are the five highest paid posts in the IT sector right now..

1. Data Warehouse Architect
  •   Median annual income: 1500000₹
  •   Upper Annual Income: 2500000₹
 Large requirements are emerging for the design of an electronic data warehouse that stores all the information of an organization.
2. Senior Tech Lead
  •  Median annual income: 1200000₹
  •  Upper Annual Income: 2500000₹
 Technical Lead is one of the key roles of an IT company.  Tech Lead's main mission is to take the lead in software development and coding.
3. Analytics Manager
  •  Median annual income: 1150000₹
  •  Upper Annual Income: 2400000₹
 Analytics manager is a technologically savvy person who studies the current state of the market and manages the management role of how it can be reflected in the business

4. Technical Project Manager
  •  Median annual income: 1000000₹
  •  Upper Annual Income: 2400000₹
 The technical project manager is responsible for facilitating the smooth running of a project that the company has received.
5. Lead Developer
  •  Median annual income: 1500000₹
  •  Upper Annual Income: 2400000₹
 The lead developer position may include people sitting at the helm of one or more software projects.  It extends from application development to program creation.
 The above salary rate may increase or decrease depending on the company or project working.
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