15 August 2019

7 things to control diabetes

7 things to control diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that bothers most people today.  Diabetes is a condition that affects not only pleasure but also all the functions of the body.  Diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose levels are so high that the body is unable to control its glucose levels.  The disease, which was once common in adults, is now common in teens and young adults.

     Type 2 diabetes is present in 95% of diabetic patients.  The disease is most commonly seen in people over 35 years of age.  Type 2 diabetes occurs when insulin is produced or is not produced.
Let's see what you can do to control your diabetes ...
 Regularly check your body's sugar levels.  It is better if it is daily.  It is good for controlling your sugar intake.  You should see your doctor once in three months.
 Try to overcome hypoglycemia, a condition where blood glucose levels are greatly reduced.  Symptoms include hunger, sweating, numbness, and unconsciousness.
 Take the necessary precautions to reduce carbohydrate in your diet.  Eat vegetables and essential fiber for this purpose.  A diet rich in fiber can absorb carbohydrate and regulate the glycemic index.  Diabetics should therefore take care of this.
 Make healthy food choices.  Before eating a variety of foods, be aware of the carbohydrate and sugar content.  Avoid foods like bananas, teas and sauces.
 Practice walking for half an hour daily.  Walking around every day is good for controlling diabetes and getting rid of heart problems.  Walking during the day can also help regulate blood sugar levels.
 Perform a kidney test.  The kidney function should be checked for increased risk of kidney disease in diabetic patients.  However, early detection of these problems can be overcome with treatment.
 Care and protection of the feet is important as diabetic foot injuries are more likely to be serious and sore.  It is advisable to wear shoes or shoes that cover your feet completely.