17 June 2019

One way to recover from data compromise on Chrome

Most popular web browser
Google Chrome is the world's most popular web browser.  It is a very useful and transparent Android browser.  Google is also a company that attempts to introduce new features every day.  But when it comes to security, you need to use the most secure chrome.

 The Google Chrome browser contains a highly secure feature called Pad Lock.  This is a feature that tells us whether or not the browser is using it or not.  But it's another fact that this feature can not be trusted.

Therefore, we need to ensure our own safety.

 To know if the data is compromised

The task bar always requires attention when using Google Chrome.  This means that if you open more tabs than you open, you should close them as soon as possible.

 Hacking using fake UI is widespread today.  This is most commonly seen in Google Chrome users on a smartphone.  Special care should be taken in this regard.  It should be noted that the chrome will work on the back even if the smartphone is locked.  So turn off the data connection immediately after use.
The Google Chrome Frame also features a dark color.  It's more secure.  If you use this, all the objects that are not Phack can be viewed only in Dark Color.  This feature is very useful.
Most popular web browser
Despite this, you need to ensure your own safety.  For this we must take precautions that we can volunteer.  Close tabs, screen locking and turning off data connection are some of the things we can take care of ourselves.  There are so many cheats online.  These can be handled with care. 

How to Clear Cash and Speed ​​Up iPhone

 Are you worried about the slowdown in iPhone performance?  This is because the phone may not be old or the network is slow.  This may be a reflection of the accumulation of unwanted files and apps on the phone.  The solution to the problem is to clear the cash immediately.

Cache in the Cash

  There are files in the cache that are hidden from the phone by memory.  Examples of passwords and scripts from websites you've visited  The phone stores this information in the cache for quick pickup.

Function of the phone
Most popular web browser
The function of the cache is to speed the phone up.  We can understand the time lapse caused by having to ask for more password information.  It is widely acknowledged that if the iPhone's cash is full, the phone will slow down.  But Apple has yet to agree.

The advantage of the iPhone

 Cleaning up the cash periodically is a good idea.  The advantage of the iPhone is that it can do this easily.

Safari on Clear Cach

  1. Make sure you remember the essential passwords you delete before the data.  Clearing the cash will log you out of websites, including websites.

  2. From the settings, take Passwords & Accounts and click on Safari

  3. You can view the clear history and website data here.  Click on it

  4. Ask the phone to make sure the data in Safari is cleared.  Click on the message

Clear Cash on Third Party Apps
Most popular web browser
 1. Third party apps are apps that are installed on your phone such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps.  Take General from Settings and click on iPhone Storage

 2. List of apps can be viewed in iPhone storage.  The top will be the app that carries the most data

 3. Click on it to see how much document & data space app you are using

 4. The phone will give you some instructions on what to clear from iPhone storage.  You can read about each of them by clicking on the Show Owl next to the recordings

 5. Click on Enable if you are willing to accept any suggestion

 6. If you want to do this yourself, take the app and delete the unwanted files, playlists, photo albums and emails.

Delete apps and download again
Most popular web browser
 1. Once you realize that any app is saving a lot of data, delete it immediately and download it again.  Social apps store all the photos and videos we've seen besides passwords.  Sometimes the only way to clear the cash is to delete it.

 2. Grab the Delete app from iPhone Storage and hit the Delete app at the bottom of the page.

 3. Download and install the app from the Apple Store.  You can pick it up from My Purchases List if you have to pay for it.  There is no need to pay again