20 June 2019

New security features of Tik Tok for Indians

New security features of TikTok for indians
New security features of Tik Tok for Indians
      TikTok has been in the discussion for the past few years.  Tik​​tok tun is often a subject of controversy due to concerns about the safety of its users.  To address this, the company has introduced a new safety device, device management.  The biggest feature of the feature is that it takes full control of the user account in it.  The number of people who use Tik Tok in India is around 200 million.

  "The security of the tik-tok users is of great importance.  Device management facility has been introduced as part of the security assurance process.  The company's community media notes say.
Users will now be able to guarantee better account security than before.  This feature allows users to delete their accounts and end the session from other devices with the help of the Tik-Tok app.
New security features of TikTok for indians
  The device management facility was first released by 13 TikTok features.  Most of them have been developed in front of Indian users.  These include Edge Gate, Restricted Mode, Screen Time Management, Comments Filter and Safety Center.  'These features will enable users to safely display their skills in the world.'  Tik Tok is clear.

13 safety features
  TikTok has released many videos in Hindi and English to provide information related to security to Indian consumers.  The purpose of the video was to tell customers about the functionality of security features.  Tik Tok currently has 14 security features.

Safe and exemplary app
  "The company has released in-app tools and videos to convincing more than 200 million customers in India to understand what they mean by having a safe and comfortable experience.  The new facility will enable users to be able to show their skills to the world wisely and safely.  The company is telling about the new feature.