24 June 2019

How to create a youtube channel

How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
We have often heard stories of people making their own YouTube channels and earning billions.
 There is a lot of people in the country who have heard such success stories and made a stop at the YouTube channel.  This is because a YouTube channel is a long-term endeavor.  Therefore, it is not a good idea for newcomers to quit their regular-paying jobs and take time off.  But anyone can be a YouTuber if you have the right goals, plans and ideas.

  • good idea
 It is best to choose the most popular topics to interact with.  Most enjoyable videos are entertaining and useful for people, including music, comedy, cooking, education and travel advice.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel

  • Innovative presentation style
 With so many millions of youtube channels and videos, think about how to be different in this country.  Because innovation is the key to success today.

  •  Perseverance and patience
 It is best to self-analyze if you are willing to work hard for this before you can become a YouTuber.  Often you have to wait two to three years to get a significant income from YouTube.  One of the most important factors is that you can upload videos regularly.  To begin with, a new channel does not have to mean revenue.

  •  Great video, sound quality and good content
 Good content or content is basically what makes a video a success.  It all depends on youtube's imagination and ability.  Not only is the content good, but the audio quality of the video should also be excellent.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 If all these things are ready, let's start our channel now.

 The first thing you need is a Google Account.  Those who do not have a Google Account, must create it and sign in to YouTube.
 Channel name, category, cover image and thumbnail must be prefixed.

 Then create a channel according to youtube instructions.
 A few more videos can be made to ensure that videos are uploaded regularly.

 Good sub-titles and voice-over can be provided for professional excellence.
 For starters, using smartphone cameras is much easier.  Going further, an SLR or DSLR camera will be necessary.

 The caller mic, phantom power supply, sound card, memory card, adapter, computer and video editing software and the knowledge of using them will enable a YouTuber to work freely without anyone's help.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 Now, after all this, you want to see if your channel has crossed 4000 Watch Hours (the time that a channel has been viewed by YouTube users).  If you cross 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 Watch Hours within 12 months you will be enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program.  After that, you need to connect your Youtube channel with Google Ad Sense account.

 But that doesn't mean you have to fill up your bank account right away.  Google Adsense payment is based on how the channel visitors respond to the ads that appear on your video.
 Payment for various channels of YouTube is determined using the Cost Per Impression metric.

 Each time ads are played on our channel, a certain point will be added to our AdSense account.  For every 1000 views, the amount we receive will increase.
How to set up Youtube channel
How to create a youtube channel
 The average cost per impression code or CPI is two dollars.  It can be up to ten dollars depending on several criteria such as video quality and popularity.

 Care should be taken to ensure that the uploaded video is in no way copyrighted.