12 June 2019

Apple iphone Os "iOS 13" comes with 13 new Updates!!

iOS comes with 13 new events.
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie

New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie.

Apple's iPhone version is awaiting the 13th edition of iOS.  The 13th beta version comes out of the old version and resolves different types of new features.  Get to know the best features of new variants-
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie

Dark: The most exciting new version of the 13th edition is the concept of Dark Mode in the UI.  Dark Knock was tested by iOS and Dark mode, because the Android version was included in their queue, X.
In dark mode there will be a feature called Night mode.  Dark mode is the UI color of the phone that does not cause the eye to trouble using the phone during the night.  It does not matter what kind of apple it will be.

Keyboard switch: Keyboard swip system introduced for Android years has finally been introduced on the official keyboard of the iPhone.  In addition to typing, keyboard swiping mechanism allows you to easily swap letters and simplify text synthesis.  The app is called 'Quick Pal'.
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie
All pictures and scenes are tabulated: Portable Portrait Lighting and Video Diagram.  Take Portrait Tee Shots to see a new tool to look more closely, which includes lighting efficiency and portrait lighting.  There are also many editing filters.  There is another special editing feature for the video section.  It's also great to choose and delete new feature duplicate photos.

The film is ready to make year, month, day and day more useful.  In addition, the live format and video will be configured to scroll the game to play.
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie
Siri's new voice: Apple's famous voice assistant Siri will be available in the new version of the 13th edition.  The largest number of people in the world will be speaking with a lot of natural sounds compared to a sound like a robot.  New Siri is about to fix the timing gap for audio update's date.

MEMOZY will change: Messaging messaging from Apple will also work in the app.  The memoji helps to create animated faces (similar to emoji), similar to their face.  With new ups dessert in memoji, you can turn your face into an emo.  The new Memo will solve all the problems that were in the foreground.
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie
Upgrading Apple Maps: Until 2019, Apple's latest capabilities include more advanced features and more advanced updates on the map.  Road, beach, park and buildings can be seen in three-dimensional view of HD.

  Finally, the hint that the visuals are not closed: Apple username is a matter of time and it is an indicator that appears to be visible in the sidewalk.  The size of the HUD is larger than that, which is hard for visual scenes.  Apple has included a small indicator in the 13th edition.  The new window, which will pop up from the side, will be a big relief.
New voice of Dark-Mode and Serie
Some other features in iOS 13
  •   Mute Thread System in E-mail
  •   The event insert system is added to the calendar event
  •   Face ID open at 30% faster
  •   Opening the app is twice as fast
  •   'Less data' mode to use less data
  •   New 38 languages ​​on keyboard
  •   Language selection system for each app

  iOS 13 is currently in beta testing.  Beta version will solve the problem based on user comments and will soon start as a new player in Apple platforms and i-pads.  On the other hand, iPhone 6 users are upset about new upscales.  The iPhone 6S will only be available in S6 models.

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