17 March 2019

Humen organs trafficking in some Hospital

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After a short period of time, brain death in the state again. Ajay of Cheranalloor died. Ajay is the only son of the laborer Johnny and Sherly. Aja who was working in the field was only 19 years old. Ajay's liver Aster Hospital shared the diagnosis and diagnosis with the kidneys, pancreas and a kid for amrita hospital and another kidney in Kozhikode medical college. The liver was taken out of the liver and the patient was waiting for the liver at the hospital after the accident happened. It's quite doubtful. If a liver transplant surgery occurs, the private hospital receives between Rs 20 to 40 lakh. Maybe even more. When a patient is waiting for the liver, the same hospital will have a similar blood group and physical nature, especially if he is from a family of bodily death.

It is also mandatory to give the donor an organdal on the same hospital where the donor has died and the other member should be given to the medical college. Commonly expensive organs like liver, heart, small intestine, and other hospitals are being provided to government hospitals, such as low birth rates, kidneys, and eyes.

The inquiry has revealed that more than 280 brainwashes in Kerala have been illegal and fabricated. Since 2012, the postgraduate and transmitting organ transplantation system is being implemented in Kerala through the Kerala Network for Orgone Sharing (Maddhazhnjanayee) government. But the investigations revealed that the top officials of the system worked for private hospitals.

They are members of the respective private hospitals that got the hint on the basis of sales made to government officials and health department has seen huge price videsikalkkatakkam in violation of the Act relating to the request of the Health Department certificate sthirikariccatinre in more than 280 deaths in the brain, according to Information Act and other documents may be hardly possible Yennumulla received a shocking response. Furthermore, it is indicated that the system is working to properly investigate these documents every month and that it does not do so to help this loot of private hospitals. We have been approached by the Information Commission for several times and requested the names of individuals. However, the information provided by the health department to the Information Commission said that the information received from the recipients will not affect the privacy of their privacy. We also received evidence of the fact that some of the rescuers were obliged to assemble some of the recipients and give us information. The commission then replied that the information could not be given. In the next day of the brain death, the photo and the name of the provider and the recipients of the day and the address were common. Remember that everything was provided by the Health Department and the Souvenir. That ended only after our application. So Ajay's recipients are not disclosed. Here are the things that should be taken seriously.

Investigation into mimeo live brain tumors began in 2016. The brain mortality rate has declined since the news of the fraud in the region. Our report has been reduced to 3 in the last years, where there were 70 deaths every year in 2016 and 2017.
Mimo's investigation into brain deaths has not yet been completed. The state health secretary and intermediate resident life are closely guarded by the fact that our investigation is over.

More than 100 crores worth of cardiovascular services have been conducted in Kerala since 2012. They are charged because they can not charge it because they are donated organs. A total of Rs. 3 lakhs for a heart transplant surgery costing Rs. 3 lakhs is Rs. 20 lakh. With a good intentions, the government was instrumental in the efforts of some of the officers who went to the big business group.

The Malayalam film, Joseph, who recently became a super hit, has taken this issue seriously. 90 percent of the said facts are investigated through our investigation. Why kulippanikkaruteyum, the brain is a standard for the deaths of these children are the victims sought is realized, those aged 20 years and below are the members of the full areagyamullatayatukeantum, they praptaravilla to ask for more technical things known to ordinary parents that their son was brain dead -In With civilians, can provide significant money to save, even if it is the youth of the accident. Furthermore, parents, who realize that their son is dead, are not in a mood to make a decision, and many other relatives can often make decisions on their own. These decisions imply the deaths of the deceased. Besides, the brain wash of systems like mystic lifetime is easy to pack. The fact is that life on the body will last for months, even if the brain death occurs. Because brain death is the death of brain stems. But here too is not verified whether it happened.

When we visited many people who had received the organs we had an amazing response. When they say that we have received the grace of God through His blessings, we can see how much human souls are, without specifying the price of the deceased and the condition of his family. Cultural workers and the helpless in front of the view that if the parent and the youth of the limp body erruvannenti reach all members of society sharing the brutality of the body manas'silakkiyenkilum helplessly defeated, the government has opened the eyes of fraud in this region is responsible for law enforcement officials to bring this spree Frugally try.

This is the beginning of the scam that focuses on a private hospital in Cochin organized by the organizers of the event, to encourage brain death and cover up the mouth of critics. They are also concerned about the decrease in brain deaths in the state. Recently they held a press conference criticizing the social media such as mimo live and a film like Joseph.

Your parents and children who have received their children's orgasm got the orgasm, you got the dreams and tears of another father and mother who hunt only the money for a short period of money.

The Mimo's approach to the public should be a place where the victims can be safeguarded when they reach the hospital. When enthusiastic entrepreneurial hospitals are being carried out, this organ donates a lot of help to the public.

The mimo-hi to your younger than 20-year-olds is waiting for you to wait for your organs and wait for your organs. So run around two-wheeled vehicles slowly. Wear a mandatory helmet. If the head injury is particularly dangerous for the person to be at risk, then God can not even save him from brain death.