6 March 2019

Coffee with Karen☕ Audi A5 sportback car got Ajay Devgan

Audi A5 sportback car got Ajay Devgan

The Coffee Seat Karan announced the mega prize winner in the sixth season. The prize is awarded for the most breezy and immediate replies from replies received by guests.

The jury of coffee makers has found that Ajay Devgan is the best answer among the guests who came this season. Ajay has won the Audi A5 Sport Luxe sedan.

Audi has presented A5's new A5 Sportback sedan model. The ex-showroom of the vehicle is priced at Rs 54 lakh. The A5 sport has a 2.0 liter-cylinder Turbo diesel engine. The engine produces 190 BHP power and 400 Nm tor.
Seven speed dual clutch is automatically transmitted to the front wheel drive.

Apart from the stylish exterior, the main feature is the Audi Cockpit. Instrument cluster is 12.3 inches. You can also set the interior light in thirty lines.

Audi is the luxury carmaker in India. Audi India Head, Rahil Ansari said, "Audi has been able to co-operate with the show with the launch of the coffee shop.