9 February 2019

The most expensive spice in the world

Expensive spice "saffron"
Top expensive spice in the world

We know saffron as a spice that is extracted from the saffron blade, but we do not know the scientific name of the Crocus sativus .We are the three fiber fibers in the saffron pot 's pollen place .The southwestern Asia is the world' s most expensive spice, You have to be bleeding .You know the smell of Edo or Edophomo with a thickness of red .You can get saffron because of the chemicals of pacrochrosine and saffronol .For saffron use to produce yellowish color for food and textile fabrics.
  About 3,500 years ago, humans began to grow saffron. Saffron was the most expensive spice in history, and saffron was used in spices, tea and medicines even hundreds of years ago. Saffron is used as medicine for about 90 diseases. There is also a wide range of saffron blues grown by selecting long saucy saffron safflery and subjecting them to fraud.
BC In the seventh century, saffron was the first commercially cultivated saffron. Saffron is the oldest source available in saffron, followed by Assamese from Central Asia to Eurasia, and from there to North America and Oceania. The English word 'saffron' comes from the Latin La Saffrona in Latin. .In this will come from the French language, textual an.ennal in Persian, Arabic and Persian language visvasikkappetunnu.irraliyanile word originated from the word, meaning that the yellow Jaffrey, Spanish and asaphran words and ulbhaviccirikkanan sadhyata.adhunika in Iraq, from the Latin (and ancient northeastern Persia) caritratitakalatte tea Their use is found in the caves of the saffron saffron kuttukalil .50,000 years old atanniyittunt.sumeriyakkar talking animals are used to record the image is added to the saffron medicine for their 'magic'.

In ancient Persia, Derbena and Ishfahan, C. Saffron has been cultivated since the 10th century. It was found that saffron made of saffron made of walnut along with common threads in old Persian larvae. This particular material was presented to the gods during this period. Saffron was deposited in the patient's bed as a treatment for depression, and saffron added in hot water. Western Persian saffron was suspected of being alcoholic. For this reason, the guards who were traveling to Persia were warned by European soldiers who were prevented from eating Persian food. The saffron and sandalwood water mixture was used to clean the body to protect the irritable heat of Persia. The Persians believed that this ointment could help reduce sweat.
The Persian history of saffron was inscribed with the history of saffron in India. Persian Emperors were spreading saffron to India due to the huge addiction to the saffron masses of the Persians. The top varieties of saffron were planted in gardens in India. According to historians, saffron cultivation was first established in India as the Persians conquered Kashmir. It is assumed that saffron crops were grown in India before or both 500 BC. Saffron traders were traded from the Kashmir valley, and the saffron traders traditionally traded from the Kashmiri saffron traders. As the tradition of the saffron traders, saffron was of any valuable medicinal value You are sure