9 February 2019

The Das Capital!! Karl marx book

Karl marx's book

Some of the information about Karl Marx's writing, Das Kapital, can be short-termed
     Karl Marx, a German philosopher and social worker, wrote Das Kapital, also known as capital or capital.
Political analysis is the theme of the Das Kapital. Published in 1867 in Germany, the first edition of Das Kapital was publishers .Werlaugh von Otto Meinner was publisher. The Das Kapital began writing in 1848, and Marx meant to publish and publish the 1850 papers. Its real name is "das kapital.kritik der politicsChen okonomie" is the capital critique of the "political economy of the country".
      The second edition of Das Capitol was published in 1885 and the first edition of the 1894 edition, which was developed and codified by Fredrick Engels Mac's editions after Karl Mac's death.
      The first edition of Das Kapital is known as The Process of Protection of Capital. Karlmax was born in Moscow, Russia, on 5 May 1818, and died in London's Highgate Cemetery on March 14, 1883.
    Max was a philosopher and social worker, but also a farmer, economist, journalist and historian.