6 February 2019

The Angel.. Beautiful Romantic Story (3)

The Angel!! 
Beautiful romantic story


It was a blue whale in the red lattice that was going back to class.

 The whole thing around Rashi is in the middle of the discussion .. The debate is on the day .. Good kanthiyanthi .. shabana with the listening of the list ..

After loading the bag in the bench and dropping off the head for some time

Rashi told me that all of them are called as Pothan and there is a sign that there is a crazy business of the kids without the teachings of the kids. S call

"Tai faisin i am you .."

I do not know what to do ..

"I'm not sure if I'm going to be in a hurry,

The kids in the class were looking at me wonderfully.

I'm not sure I'm seeing you ..

"Oh, you do not have to do such virtuous deeds .. or the college girl in the classroom about this class .. complain about .. there's no one to go on the road .. let me know any more .. I'm going to say .. the chellan .."

The whole chemistry turned around and turned to the bench.

"The saint wrote yesterday to write to write .."

I did not smile in the sense that there was no smile ..

Thank you in the mind of my dear, and to show Saran some of the faces I've been working on outside the class .. Rashi was shaking.

We will not be able to show it to you.

"Daddy .. all the things that happened along with the last one of the feminine me .. Forget the truth .. the truth is that girl .. you see her in her hand .."

"I do not know tah rasiye penney .. i do not see the eye .. it's going to make it in class .. ta phaaya thanni waat orkki i will die now .."

Rashie took off and went back to the bench and started thinking about something

"I do not know what the girl is in college .. I do not see the eye of the child .. you have to take her in my hand and go to all aunt muttu munduu .. without having to take care of herself .."

"It was nice to see him good minda .. TA had Afzal gone with him.

"I do not think that's what you're doing,

"What else is that .."

"Lady love"

"Rick .. I'm one of them .. I do not know what to do for the first time .. And then as you say I'm not in love with this painful love .. a help .."

"I do not know what to do.

"That's the first thing you need to do is go to canteen .."

So, with Rashi, I walked to Kantine and walked to the class of Nazia, and I was eagerly waiting for someone to come to Nazi.

"I 'm going to have a look at you,

"That's golden .. I'm so cute in this college .. so hurry up soon enough .."

I'm Rashi walks in and going to her.

"Faisica .. you came and lehe .. I was thinking of somebody coming here."

This is the first time i saw a girl ..

'Daddy, do not you see her eyes? Let's see how come we did not know' Rashi rushed my face to the teeth with a question.

"Nasia, do not you see your eyes? Then I realized I was coming."
"Oh yeah .. I understood that .. I've used a good perfume .. I've got a smile of the same perfume that was already gone with me.

Like the king who won the war, the breast of the sleeves made it straight and I looked at Rash's face.

I mean the truth

"I'm going to help myself with my girls .. There's only two girls in my class .. not even two mentions .. I need to go down .. it's necessary .."

"What's wrong .."

Rashi apoeku starts with Olippiera

"Itara Faizica .."

"Rashid .. I'm afraid she's in Shaban on Onk's class .."

I just can not wait to get out of the way.

"I'm .. toilet in the toilet .. do not worry .."

 Nazi's reply to you suddenly

"I'll put you up to the bottom right. Let's look at some guys out there."

"I can catch you in my hand.

"Oh yeah .. you r .. be sure you want to go and go to canteen .."

Nazi to shirt like a shadow on my back .. I slowly stepped up the speed of walking, stepping down with the speed of walking and the stroke of the walk to avoid difficulty .. I was looking at Nazi's blue eye without Rashi. It was a diamond.

The last step is from the bottom of the stage, and I'm out of the way. I'll be back to the toilet .. At the time of the jasmine, I remember the jazz.

Jasmine called her and told her to go and meet her

Jasmin sitting without understanding anything from the end

So Jammy's hand in hand went over to Nazi toilet ..

Jasmin Nazi put me in the class and smiled with a load of smile on his face.

As i got down from the class ..

"Faisika Andara is the lover of Ika .. Is not it difficult for me?"

A question of Nazi

"No, my sister is .. jasmine .. then you have a hard time .. can you sit down there or sit down and sit down .. you heard me"

Nazi is a smile in my lap ...

This is not the case. Rashi .. he was telling someone else

Nazi was a classmate of the day, and I went to the rat and walked to the canteen.

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