7 February 2019

The Angel! Beautiful romantic story (1)

The Angel
Beautiful girl


"I 'm going to go to the mosque and go to the mosque .."

"Ah, I just reached the phone and you got the phone .. so i'm getting upset ..."

The phone was not going to reply to me and I took the jeep's speed together .. I went to the mosque to go to the mosque so that yesterday's nicosmola was gone.

I do not know what to do ..

"Well, that's just the way I'm going to see Umma mummy today,

"Nick mole is the uniform of this uniform and wearing the cloth .. munching in the mosque goes to the mall Friday .. Nick Uppachi now can i say .. I was told that I was going to the room

"I'm going with the wind .. it's a cloth."

"Hmm .. Going over with the hammer .. she .. let me go to the grave of my mother before going to the gravity .. go all week .."

It was the first time I went to the mall.

I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Sadhu man I had seen the face of the laughter of the day, that proved to be dumbstruck to mannatan..pinnitinn ..

Stop being in the grave of Ullah's tomb and look at the maiden coconut tree closer to the grave ...

Separated from my eyes with tears, slowly, slowly lost kannututaccu kavililekk the fall .. .. nisameal from the life of two people, and prayed nallatilakkan not the hand, I ninnumiranni pallikkattil nisamealute Ahlul slowly .. (member purity) and Ustad lecture into a church during the nisamealute Q. say kettukeantirikkunna Int ..

"Uppichi why did you cry from me"

Without answering me, she told me that the church should be silent and I turned my attention to the lecture again

She had gone to her home in the stomach to go to the station. Two days later she had to work more because she was the SPS leafer.

I'm going to go home and eat nicholt and eat food .. and I was together with her and I was listening to her face while eating a meal ... like a laugh ...

As soon as I remembered the report that was to be delivered to tomorrow's tomorrow, I washed my hands and took my laptop and walked towards the bedroom.
It's just a matter of time, but it's just a matter of time before I die .. You're so nice .. Ummah you're a policeman from my momma ... just like your wish ..

The door opened by the door I stood up with my laptop .. Reini had to lock the door into the bathroom with water to drink and looked at me for a while ... She was lying on the lights slowly and quietly lying down .. I was also busy reading the report.

Suddenly, the laptop was off, and I was lying on the bench. I was sleeping in the sleep.

"Are you sleeping ..."

"Are you sleeping so long time ago?"

"No I'm ... Sleeping ... I'm just asking for something .."

"Oh yeah,

"I'm angry with me ..."

"I'm a liar!

"Let's ask."

"Haha ..."

"Who is this Nazi's diary wrote a lot about her .."

It was a lightning hit by the lightning .. Nazia ... that's the way I forget to put the diary writing onto the shelf ...

"I'm going to go to church with these molestones and look at another grave next to the tomb's tomb. Nishamolu said," That's the grave ... "

Get to know what a reply can be, just like a dumb.

I started to talk slowly to the silence between us.

"Reinhas .. That's one of my needs .. that's why I'm ..."

Before she could speak, her groin could hear me.

I have not been with her eyes anymore ... so she never told her why she could not see this tears.

"Rene .."

When I left unanswered, I got up from the bed and started slowly. My twilight wandered to my side .. Really her thin touch was a relief that I can not tell.

"I'm ..
This is a good thing I have not seen in my life,

Like me ..

"I'm not sleeping, I'm not going to go to the office early in the morning ... I'm staying in bed .. I'm not a peace ... I think about her"

I'm just lying down and shifting her head on the bed .. the pasta in her hair is talliadi .. know my touch of touch and she came close to me and laying my head on my chest

"Rene .."

"What's Right"

"I do not want to tell you anything, but I do not know how long you have come to know .. How much time do you need to eat?

"I do not know what i want to know about my sadness .. I looked at whose grave we cried this time .."

When I started to tell you, I could see the face of the bedroom in the bed lamp's lamp.

(to be continued...)

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