7 February 2019

The Angel.. Beautiful romantic story (2)

The Angel
Beautiful romantic story (varandha)


 I was born Faisen, one of the twin twins of Ali Hajya's wealthiest people.

The only thing I have ever heard is that the word "difficulty" may have been my life

The rich man was not a pride but there was no scope to spend money on the needs of the others .. The poor and the poor were always at home. That's why we have children in the eyes of our people ..

So in the tests in the plus two class I was jamming when I was looking for admission to the school. Both got good results and got the admission in the government college too.

The first time I went to college with Jasmine and I was in college on what kind of college life will be ..

I miss Rachy day .. I was with my shadow.

In the morning, when the class life was realized, the days of the holidays were the days of the class.

I've been trying to play football in the morning and I've been regularly stumbled on the call of Umma .. when time was too late ... hurried up quickly and moved to college.

During the interval after the first two peres, Rashi came to me saying

'Tas Faizi Your Jasmine is out of class at class.'

Jazm up the face and the face of the face.

When asked about the matter she started to complain

"When the first day of the college, Afsal from our same batch, we started to be disturbed by her after she started walking .. first she was talking about the conversation .. then that's where she goes and she's upset.
"How can you beat my gold jasmine? How can I do it?" "

"I'm not going to tell you what's wrong with me,

"Oh you're hot just do it .. I'm Rashi and you're going to class .."

Jasmine monday searching

When the problem was told to Rashi, he was richer than ruthless to beat him .. So he walked towards Afzal's class ..

He looked at his class, but he did not find it because he looked out and walked and walked in and ran to talk to a woman in the nearest step of the library.

"Tas Faizi, you can talk nice to us first .. He's the one to be the last company with the seniors .."

"" I 'm sorry,

"That's the dare I'm not going to dare .. I'm going to like the shabana of the class .. she's got to put on some of the things that's up to me .. the problem that's OK now .. nick I'm fine here,

Rashi came to the edge of Afzal when he was in the verandah. Rashi came to him in the afternoon, calling him up and talking to me .. I was running away

"I'm not going to let you go .. I'm not going to go back to you. I walked out of the way and from the back of Afzal

"That's the way we're going to come here to make Afzal the shock of children .. If you're shocked enough .. then you can look at the cargo that's nice to see if you can either follow it or your daughter or whoever you are .."

Turning his hand on the thumb of his face, he fell on the thighs of Rashi.

 .. what do you think of yourself, come to the place where you have come to shout out? You do not need to be jaded in court. You are not a member of this college.
Rashi's angry face looked me in the scene .. we went around a little kids in Varandha.

"Faizi is a problem .. Shabana does not like or does not want to come .. but that's not the case .."

Laughing rash

"If you do not get tired, I'm trampling to him .. go soon to go to class or see if the seniors will have trouble .."

At the time when I started to walk to the class and walk to the class .. Afzal I was at the footing of a girl who was sitting on the floor ... as she was looking for something that was lost in her hand, she was unable to see her face

Girls and boys looked at a respectful look when I returned to class ..

The watch was in the hands of looking at Afzal and he came to see the table in the nearby table. Wrapped up the watch that he told me to watch her with a cash watch of 10,000 rupees. So hurry to the side where Afzal was holding the watch.

I'm not sure if it's going to happen ..

"You want to get out of here alone.

Let's hear my speech from the back and look at my face

I 'm going to be in love with you

"I've been asked for a help to my Umchi college. I have purchased an ek where I got the pen.

"Who's Afzal?

"I'm a new admissions .. I'm a new admirer .. here is the first time i come to class .. I've been with my girlfriends .. I do not know where to go .. Let's go .. I find that pen and that's my mom Gifty .. "

I said below, I was looking down at the bottom of her feet.

It took her hand and gave it to her

"That's not the pen that you searched for so long .. but do not you see that .. you do not have to look so close .."

"Thank you Eka .. Then my class is up .. I do not ask you .. I do not have any eye"

With her smile

"If it is difficult for me to get this step, let's help .. I'll leave it alone .."

I do not even ask for her permission, but I have to go back to the white hands with a golden hairs .. I'm gonna be grabbed by my hands and start shocking my mind.

I saw a beautiful girl holding me by the hand and looked at us amazingly.

After the step, I did not want to leave that hand. So that's where she went along with her class .. another one was standing on the edge of the door .. someone else .. jasmine ..

She's in class and i am slowly getting hold of her in my hand ..

"I forgot to get acquainted .. my name is Nasia..Is here a little more home .. Ikka's name is .."

She's a smile, a smile, and a smile that smells the stars with the blue blond ..
"Faisen .. I see again in order to start class .."

I dont know what i am ..
 With a smile

On the way you go to Jasmine's class, I'll show you with my hand.

I'm going to go to class ..

(to be continued)

Nb: The death of the mother when plate on the first plateau written in the first paragraph is requested to be corrected when studying degrees.
The part of this park is so late due to some personal problem. The next part will come soon to you .. With love.

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