10 February 2019

Indian Lion

Maulana mohammed Ali Jauhar
Indian lion

Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar was a brave and courageous man who attacked the British Empire and attacked the Independence of India.

At the Round Table Conference at St. James's Palace in London in 1930, no one still forgot the lion that was made of the British rulers.

Born on December 28, 1872, the youngest son of Abdul Ali Khan Khan-Abadi Banu Begum was born in Rampur.
 His father died at an early age. The childhood of Mohammedali Jauhar was full of destitution for destitution.
 Mohammed Ali Jauhar studied elementary school in his mother's school in Baroda, Aligarh and Lincoln College in Oxford.

 Mohammed Ali Baroda, who returned from Europe after education, was employed under the government. The British Council warned that Indian Muslims had written articles about the needs of the British in the Times of India.

 With this, Mohammed Ali Jauhar fled the vehicle and fled to freedom fighters.
The marriage occurred when the freedom struggle was actively involved. The bride's bride was Lali Beega, the daughter of Azmatali Khan. At the first night, he told his wife:
"I'm happy to have you.
You know that I'm in a struggle with the British devils who are still living in our homeland.
My dear, I will endure. But when you remember your affair ... "
 Before the completion of Mohammedali words, the brave lali Begum said:
 "I'm proud of you for being loved. I am the daughter of Azmatali Khan. Lali will accompany you in any encounter. "

Lack of restlessness and frequent jail has been weakened by Mohammedali's health. He went to England without even a health condition for the first Round Table Conference. Because of the inability to walk, the sailboat was in a strikethrough.

The history of the Round Table Conference at St. James Palace in London, London, 1930:

"You know why I have come here seven thousand hours so I can not walk even seven o'clock. If you are fluctuating in the veins of white men and your doctor, the same semitic blood flows in the veins of the prince, and my veins flow in my veins.

As a Muslim, I am a Muslim, second and third, and I am a Muslim. I am an Indian as first and second as an Indian. I am here to ask for a goal.

 In India we have 32 crores. We are eager to change the brave front of Britain's bullet.
 You can not be brave and eager to make the 32 crore people shot dead. If there is that bullet, the bullet can be thrown into the shade of this Mohammedan.

 I do not want to go back to the slave country of freedom. Give freedom to India. Or give me a shower in this free country. "

The role played by Abadi Bunu Beagas was one of the major contributors to contributing to the fiery fights of the Indian independence movement. When the two deaf babies were orphaned by the orphan, they taught her to leave Mohammadi and Sawhatali without pulling her jewels. When the Second War of Independence broke, two sons were sent off for the removal of his kingdom.

 When they got out of the family, they did not pay attention. They looked at their children and said,
"My sons, you want your mother to see you as fighters. Two soldiers who are supporting the oppressed, comforting the needy.

 If you want to go through such a path, then this ammo's lust has come true. "

They were happy when the children were going to Madras and Aamy in Bombay and Bihar to see the children lead the movement. When they signed the apology for the children lying in Karachi jail, those who scoffed at the generosity of the British leaped to Karachi. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad made peace while the jailers took over the tears. Soon they were released.

Maulana Mohammad Ali had a severe stroke on January 3, 1931. That historic man left the world after the very next day. His wife and brother Shoukathil expressed condolence at the residence of British Cabinet ministers and top officials including Mohammed Ali.

 Under the guidance of the Muslim World Muslim leaders of that great Mahad, the great Islamic mission of Islam was carried to Jerusalem and taken to the Holy Baileal side by the Prophet's residence.

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