24 January 2019

Who Love You

Love tree

Who can;
Except a coward.

Love the blind.
Beyond the limitation of view
Your merchants,
The pulse,
He will turn to you.
The salt of your sorrows
The lemon juice
With ease
Knowing the nose
Your spoils
And your alms
Moved by a thousand copies
He is your harbor
Carefully watch.

In your valleys
Become a wild man
Until you wither
And it will.

You can fall in love with the madman.
He is not afraid
Martyrdom will come to you.

Love the leper
He will wash your wounds in a pure love like pure water
You will not rearrange the inside.

The betrayer
Even the extortionist
You can fall in love with them.
They are warned by themselves
No foot slipped from the knees
You may be cautious.

Do not fall in love with a coward.
Fearing world conditions
 Your love is trampled on
He will cleanse his own feet.
 To be self-respecting yourself
Choose your clothes
He will make you bare and throw you into the streets.

Responding to the cheap prizes that may be lost
He will deny you in public.

Fear of strangers even faint off the strangers
He loves your love
Will be betrayed.

 He has constantly contracted the world's cheapest goods
You will not be disappointed.

Your love become a duty
He's in the car
Auction for auction

Your face
Your security
Your dangerous
Your sacrifice
The strength of your love for death is to shame
He is scared.

Your looks can not be met
He's meeting the meetings.

When lover
He cries out only your pornography in porn pictures.
This is because your eyes will be scared too
He leaves the face.

While the disabilities come in the way
Cowardice is one's choice.
One for his convenience only.

A cord of the hoarse,
Half of the sharp blade,
If nothing
Head over
Take care of the lilies.

Geetha garden