21 January 2019

The Smell Of Blood (part-3)

The smell of blood

(Part 3)

"What do you feel?" Asked CI
I searched for this Varghese and his past is not good, he planned to plan all the way, and plan to sell his car to Bombay with his wife, Palli Sir's wife. "Two tickets for the Bombay train He asked .he asked T & T has reported that the travel of the karril. " I stopped saying it
Pillai said, "Malathi was a big woman and had some ornaments, and sometimes they walked down to go and then Varghese, who had changed minds, would kill them and go into it." The CIA postmortem report said with a keen eye.
 "Some of the nerves have been cut down, some of them have been cut down and some of the blood has fled, and immediately after the death of an accident he died.
By the time the call came from Forensic. My alcohol bottle that I gave was that the finger print print match and the blood of the fist.

"CI got up to get up," I said, "I'm going to be back

"Sir, there was one more thing, but I do not know whether it is important."

'The word'

"Sally .Pillar sir said that he had come to know the news of the death in the morning .I have seen him at around six o'clock in the morning, but at two o'clock in the morning there was another call from the phone." Pillai Sir's friend Purushothan Vakkil said "

"The evidence is against those Varghese, because everything is doubtful because he is new and tomorrow I will send the report to the SP office."

Get out of the CI station.
Pillai Sir Leve came back again two weeks later .I was stuck in Bombay for Bombay Varghese in the middle of it. But there was no trumpet.
One month later, I was transferred to my home.
I have something to tell him about Narayana. I would not hide it "
Pillai Sir's voice awakened me from the past.

"I know you're going to say sorry, and I'm playing a role in the drama written by Purushothaman Vakkilee and I remember my children, and I was able to escape with the well-known criminal lawyer, when I came home with Gopalakrishnan, I found out that one of those bamboo beds Throw Varghese and got the following. A lawyer came to court, but there was no driver that Varghese was on a train to Bombay antyavisramam It was a lawyer who traveled by the driver. Wow, when I came to Bombay in order to investigate Varghese. No I do not. "
When I stopped, I started telling Pillai sar, "I knew the relationship with Varghese, but when I remembered my children, I could not say anything, I was very angry with her and I was very much in love with him" he sighed.
'It was an ox with a lamb. Malathi was very close to sleeping. " It was then that the conversation was heard from the back of the house. The bag went all out for Malathi to go. I begged her not to give up their children. Varghese took me out of the kitchen and took out a knife in the fear of her mind. It turned out that I was not able to withstand the Malathi from that crack. When I saw the rush jumped, I could not stand. Wandering inside my fist and cut off Varghese's neck. When I arrived at Malathi, who confirmed that it was all over, she too had a last breath.
I decided to give a grip. Then remembered about the children ..... when he called the saint and told him to do what he was saying. One of the beds that I planted two weeks earlier I dug it again. With the inside of it, it was six at the time that the clump was pulled over. Then he cut down and threw it to the toe.
The next day she was told to tell herself. But could not "
Pillai Sir was blinded and blinded.
I walked out slowly
When I reached the road, I found Sabri on my bike. He was asking something. I did not hear anything. Varghese's mother's smiling face was still in mind. She did not know that she had killed her son by spending two years after the incident that helped her with the money that she could afford. If you knew you would not buy it .......


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