21 January 2019

The Smell Of Blood (part-2)

The smell of blood

(Part 2)

"I'm telling you the truth."
"Yes, Sure, Varghese has come to the house of Pillai Sir.
From the jeep main road to the uninterrupted road. Rubber trees on both sides. Then I felt a little too strong.
"Here is the whole agriculture, and there is a few cultivated land." When Babu stopped, Sahadeva stopped the train.
We opened the door and came up to the house. A two-story house with an essential size. There are no houses. I am home. In the living room of the living room, there is a sari, peeling tears and uncomfortable face.
"What's wrong with me?" I asked slowly
"Come on here". Pillai sir took me back to the back of the house. I saw it when I got out of the kitchen. The woman's body was covered with a blanket.
"The kids did not wake up, but they did not know anything." I was trying to get out of the room when I was about to go to the next morning, "said Pillai. I gave a gesture to Babu's eyes. Babu went ahead and took Pillai Sir's hand and took me inside.
The body was dead. The head was on the stairs to climb the kitchen from the courtyard .The deep wound on one side of the neck. Blood flowed out of the stairs into the soil. The ants in the courtyard began to arrive. There are signs of a clash in the courtyard. I sat there and sat up in the house. By that time the police had seen the jeep and the two approached the gate.
Pillai sar was still holding his head in the hands of her. I saw the Land phone behind TV Store. He called the DYP and photographer.
By that time the children of Sir came down from the top. Pillai's children started to cry. I 'll be back to you. "
I asked them "the name of the children".
"I'm Shalini, This Is Sabarish"
"Goodbye" When you see the smile of your children, you're going to have a little nervous in mind.
"Children go to the room and say something fresh." I sent them back up. If I had a shop called Babu, I went out and told my child to get something to eat. One walk around the house. From the borders of the yard farming begins. The bunches of the tree were some distance. Small buds started to come from the field. Planted in a week or two
     After a quarter of a hour, the photo has reached the graph. After 10 minutes, we reached the DYS. One of his colleagues from Forensicus included a squad and a dog squad. Then all steps were quickly completed. The police ran through the dog and took away a knife from the plants. Then it ran to the gate and ran away. It was a blade knife that was essential to cutting coconuts. Still there is blood clogging on it.
Speaking to Pillai SAR, he went to the DYSP .http: By then an ambulance went with the body. I told him that I would call him to show up with the DSD driver.
The body was sent to the hospital. I said Babu and Sahadevan Pillai sail to Sarath. By no means noon. When they were in the vehicle, the three were silent.
"I know the house of this Varghese Babu." I immediately asked.
"There are about one kilometer gone from left to right here," I told him to roll from the main road to the left.
It was a great day for me to get back to you. When the jeep saw him he was silent.
A little interest in this area. Name Janardhanan. Babu murmured against me.
"Anyway, I asked him.
"Sir, I bought this car for Varghese, yesterday I gave him the pics, said to get here today to get the car, but his 'mother does not agree'
By that time Verghese's mother came from inside. An old woman.
"Come on Saturdays tomorrow with no crap in my papa. We'll make way for him." I sent him out and jumped up. When the woman saw us, the woman ran away.

"Where are you Varghese?" I suspect my question was a little loud
"I do not know, Surrey took a bag last night and did not tell me when I left, and I would have to go back in two or three days." A woman's eyes dropped a tear from her eyes.

I want to see Varghese's room.
A small house with two rooms. I went to the room where his mother showed him. It is completely cluttered. Something curled up. After an hour and a half, I walked out

I told the elderly one thing, and climbed into the jeep when he told Varghese to come to the station.
"That's probably not in any of the Varghese gulfs in Bombay .. He's probably going to be gone, but he's going to go to Babu's One Railway Station, a three-hour Bombay train from Varghese booked a ticket from this station. . "
When I reached the station station, I was told that there was a DYSP's phone. I immediately called back. I told Valagasy.
"May I leave a CIA tomorrow, and let him inquire," he said.
Later I called my friend at the telephone exchange.

The next day was a busy day. In the morning we reached CI. Gopalakrishnan Sir. Go with him to Pillai's house and take his statement. He did not have much to say to me, I walked around the house again.
On his way back, he went to the town and bought a post mortem report from the hospital. Forensic office was present. The liquor bottle from the house of Varghese I had given me there. He said to look at the finger print.
After half an hour at the station, CI called me and Babu inside. He said to sit in the chair that was in front.

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