21 January 2019

The Smell of Blood (part-1)

The smell of blood

(Part 1)

At times, the waiter was trying to change her boredom. When you go there you will not know how little son's time to go. I was on a journey. Police's checking is going through. The driver got a petty seat in the seat belt. When I saw the SI, I watched her face somewhere. But he did not get a memory, was in the department for ten and thirty years. An extremely thin boy.
 I closed my eyes slowly. The driver ran away when it was called. "I got my little bag and got out. By giving the pump to the driver, I came to call the anchor and came to the gomegon gate.
"If you go or go somewhere within a week, I'll call it,
I opened the gate and lifted up the raison.
"What's the little cheek of the pickle"
By the time the daughter came out. She bought the bag and walked in.
"Daddy tasted a little more than last time" I sat down to the chair of the sit-out chair without listening to her feelings. The grass began to grow in front of the house. When the last time came, it was a daughter who complained that she did not grow up.
Anyone heard a knife or a knife in the house.
"Hmmm you have new neighbors"
"Forget to tell my father, he is an SI and he is a well-trained father, my father is in bed and I've introduced a maid." My daughter gave me tea.

"Your nose is not calling, but when will you come back?"
"It will be the end of this month .The father then enough to go"
Kannan was saying something. I 'm glad to see you sixty - five - year - old. "

"Daddy would have dramatically changed the dress

"I miss you" slowly threw the ball into his hands.
When he hit, the ball rolled over to the gate. When I went to pick up a bike came out of the gate. It is the first time that we have seen it.

"Uncle chocolate was bought" asked by the Kannan Gate's grip.
By the end of a week, he's feeling good.
"Sukanya's father, I said he would come and I'm here in Sabarish ..."

I got the gate open. He took a chocolate from my pocket and gave me my eyes and followed me.
In a short time, A young man who is sincere and trusted in his job.
He told me to go home when he was free. But after two days, it's better to go.
A clean little house. Sabarish is only time to come. The front door was opened slightly and thrown open. The worker came out of the kitchen and heard the sound. The question was raised on me.
"I am Narayana Das, father of Sukanya in the next house".
"Oh my sar, sabari saar, I have not got tea." When the woman tried to go to the kitchen, she said no
"Shabari's father?"
"Sir, that 's in the room." I opened the door that I pointed to, and I went into the nose. "

I was looking at me and said "Narayan is here"
I left the end and looked at that face. Oh God, this is not old sankara pilla or sir

"I'm still the same, do not you remember me?" There is no change in that voice. The sound heard twenty twenty five and five years ago.
I sat down and sat down
"Sir sabari came out of the bus, I went down and there was a need." The worker opened the door and left it.
Pillaiar replied, "You have to come tomorrow."

"Sure I got to know myself" asked me with a bumped face
Body is older. I'm still the old police carrier. When I was told by Sabari Pawan, I guessed Sukanya's father was that old Narayana Das.

I was taken to Pillai Sir's station. He was not like a regular policeman. CI, even with the loving and respectful behavior of everyone. If you get a case, there will be no sleep until it ends. I was raised as a police officer under Pillai Saar.
"I have been lying down for a year, one thing is tired, and by the end of the Sabaris' training training," I heard all the bruises. "
I 'm not a single person. Drinking and drinking. O my wife 's wife. It was a murder
.................................................. ...............
The cool morning of December 1991. I had a night duty. The phone was heard when I was about to go home in the morning. Narayanan said he would take two men and my wife was killed and my wife was killed. By that time the phone was put on the side. Subsequently, on duty, he took Babu and Sahadevan along to the jeep in the jeep.
Babu says Sir's family history is in the jeep.
"The woman was not okay, but she had a love before she could get to the pilla sir .She was a little hesitant .But the family did not agree .She had gone to Varghese Gulf for some time and then came back to a car Buy here as a taxi "" But it 's just that. "

That story was new to me. I do not have any experience with the locals. I was in a rented house near the station. Get a day's leave and go back home.

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