31 January 2019

The Holy Quran

The holy quran

        The prophets
  The Prophet Saleh (s)
   Strong thunder and rain. Always anything can happen. He is a terrifying man. The moment when a rationalist is going to remember a moment. The weather is changing ...
This is the example of many people. Remember the Rabb only in the course of the crisis. Then do disobedience. Such people have always been in the world. We saw modern tsunami and Katrina. Allah's experiences. Yet, the creation does not know the creator. He becomes a lifeless lifestyle ...
Allah's messenger is Salih. Fulfilled his message of duty. But the enemies did not intimidate it and showed disdain. They have abandoned the Messenger's warning. In the end, the Almighty has destroyed them ...
Saleh was a prophet sent to the tribe of Thamud.
The rebellious leaders ignored the teachings of the Prophet. They insisted on bringing out a huge camel from the inside of the rocky mountain. Finally that happened ...
 The she-camel and the baby walked among themselves. And they drank of the herbs. This is the shecamel of Allah. They turned away therefrom. The arrow on the camel's forehead knocked. Legs pounded. He killed the camel and killed the meat. The transgressors hastened to bring punishment. Take your rest three days. On the fourth day you will see ...
 On the fourth day the world was in a hurry. Those incidents should always be understood. Let us not transgress. Humble and obedient. Salih (pbuh) is an example for us. Read on. May God bless you

This story which the Qura'n has told us must be vital. Read on. Include text.
 Let us accept this as a good thing ... Ameen Yai Rabal Alamin ...

* Will continue ... the night ... 💫 *

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