21 January 2019

The Expat (based on a true story)

Abroad life
Are you going to the Gulf?
The last one was the last question ...
Why do some people go to the Gulf
I do not know what to do, but I'm not sure what to say ...
One story explained the story .. !!
This is the story ....
Some ants went straight one line through a paradise.
Then they saw a fresh ripe shell in a pot. All 4 wants to eat that food. I told the rest of the ants in front
You're standing here. I'll go and look. I'll tell you if it's good.
The rest of the ants agreed to it. So the first ant tree tree was checked for 9 pounds ... After that the fuming did not return. Then the second ant told them to the rest: "They do not eat 9 from the whole of the jar
I'll go and see ..
The second ant went on to check the shakha. That too did not come back. The rest of the ants have realized that the two were overthrown
The third ant was sent off. Go 4
Nothing came up. Goals 4 eat 4 goatballs
The rest of the mansions thought that fire was gone, and the rest of the ants went to get hurt. But what happened in the 9th day of the year's food was eaten
When all the first ant and all went into the jug, immediately penetrated into the inside of the shell, and turned to and fro.
It was so unbearable that the ants still eat jacket. In the margin
Frightened ....
The ants outside are misunderstood
I dont want to eat ..
A curse with the screaming curf stopped ...! 😜😜