30 January 2019

Speaking of Subh...

Islamic stories

• Why are you making me a mere gossip?
• Do not have five Vakhtang batches too !? Do not expect me to be saved.
• I am just two rak'ah. My reward is gorgeous.
• My Jamaat has waited the whole night.
• The best thing Ravat Sibi earned is even better for me.
• The angels of the night and day meet me for my dignity.
• Come to sleep with my wife.
• When someone cheated me, she would shine in the ear.
• Good morning to start with me in business and work.
• For me to be a great burden for Munafiq.
• Complete light will be available to my followers.
• God took Him who despises me;
 It's me ...

When you go
 Do not forget to do your homework.
No losses ...

"He who gives good news is as good as it does"