24 January 2019

Humen Body...we must know this..!!

"Think about this awesome truth"

Body questions

Great wonder, brother is our body ...

◆The brain

Human being brain

490 km long blood vessels

Encyclopedia in a 1 cell cell
5 times the Britannica
Collect information ..!

Brain's instructions
Nerve cells speed up to 170 miles faster!

Express traffic to express high speed!

1 lakh messages per second!

Breath, blood flow,
Hunger, thirst,
Even controls the brain ..

Our brain
Produces 25 Watts Power

A light bulb
Power to shine ...!

Weight 1.3 kg ...

14 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm

Is there anyone else who loves us than He has given us here?


The human heart

Beating 70 times in 1 minute ..

And then one million times a day ...!

This is from the miscarriage of the mother!

By this stupidity, 75 pills of the body are pumping heart and blood ...!

To live up to 60 years, a person needs to carry about 10,000 oil tankers.

Who owns is #?
Do not we owe it to # ⃣?

◆Blood vessels

Blood cells

The length of blood vessels in a human body
96560 kilometers ..!

Earth circumference
40075 kilometers ...!

Or a single human being
The blood vessels in the body are twice as big as the earth ...!

And how much better is he who prepared the bloodguilty of the 700 billion people?

The breath tissue
In the blood vessels
Dharmam is the delivery of oxygen ...

Few in sight
Centimeter only ..!

The breath of the tail is open to the tennis court ...!

Who organized it

Is a bunch of sweets or self-destructive or not?


Human parts

Preventing Drugs in Drinking Water ...
Everyday 180 liters of blood are being filtered out ..

◆The stomach

Human parts

Working as a digestive process ...!

To help with digestion
Hydro chlorine with a very powerful waste
Acids are plenty here!

For these acids
Even a blade
Can ruin ..!

But the kidney is in it
Being saved from ...!

Because a special field is being constructed in every three days ..!

How many steps can a person have in his lifetime?

Every day it will cost millions of people
Do we have that protector?


Important things of human body

The biggest data collector ..!

Billions of cells in human body.

In each cell

Every DNA
Thousand volumes books ..!

In each book
One lakh pages!

Who is so unlikely that this naked eye will expand this small square?

Who wants us to fulfill our demands?

The friend ...

You are on this earth
Every moment to exist
Billions of chemical reactions happen in your body ..

Who is the owner of it all?

God is the name of the creator ..

■ There is no one like him,

■ Knowledge and ability are unlimited,

■ Sleeping and sleeping,

■ birth, death,

■ statue, no shape,

■ Owner of the Sun's Moon's bison,

■ Creator of all things,
■ He is the only creator of the universe

Forget all the goodness that the Creator has given us. We challenge ourselves to the Creatures and are proud in this world. This is not the case .Why?
 Only till he takes back his life