21 January 2019

Do you have a mobile phone in the grave?

                 Importance of grave

"Do you have a mobile in grab?" - This question was kept in a hospital ...

I waited to keep my token number in front of the doctor's OP room and looked at the mobile and looked at the message sent by my friends ...

Then a few years old came and sat in the seat. I raised my head and looked at him. The eyes are down ...

But he was looking at me. I listened to him with left foot. He does not look from me. I raised my head again and looked at him.

A turtle is made of the head. On the forehead we can see the nizzy shawl. Something like a sad thing in the eye ...

I asked: "What's wrong?"

He laughed at me. And then he said: (Look at the file in my hand): "Why did you come from, the same disease ...

I'm not laughing at you

Then, "Where are you working ... where are you at home ... how much are kids?" With many questions ... I and he went further.

In the meanwhile, it was his own question ... "Did you know that the second part of the Qur'an is Surah Ibrahim?"

I have a lot of fun

He looked at me and said, "No, no, I've tried you ... to see if the condition of today's generation is on you too!"

As I looked in his face, he continued:

"I am a maiden (a bank caller) in a mosque for many years. Many children are taught in Madrassa.

One generation who honored the cause of the victims went to the young people today to respect and stay under them.

"I ask you about the chapter of the Qur'an to know whether you have that character in you ..."

"That's why you were not afraid of my question ... you know that you can find the answer in just one moment ..."

"But the day will come when you can not come up with the mobile ... The angel came in and the machine in your hand will not be able to answer the questions you ask ... it will not be in your hand ..."

"But all the things you have learned from your heart, it will make you alive in the life of the grave ..."
Mobile technology

"Add your mind to reading and learning so ..."

Today kids do not like advice. I do not know what to do,

When I heard all of it, I bowed my head and sat down. I looked at the mobile in my hand ... one thing was solved.

With the help of this tool you know that the pragmatism of me is the one that has something to say ... me too ... is not it? Yes; Have ...

We need to change ... Qur'an ... we do not even know the Qur'an to understand and understand its laws ... We live in the name of the Qur'an in the name of the Qur'an ...

I woke up from the thought and looked at his face ... I said; "True you said ... !!

I walked with the nurse to the OP Room and I looked at him with ...

People like him come up to the brain straight words that speak the true scholars ... Bless Allah ...