31 January 2019

Aim of Ziarat

The blessings are the centers of blessings
Aim of ziarath
About the goal of Ziarat
Ibn Hajarul Hatemami (r) says:

 "The aim of Ziarah is to actively work with the visit of the Ma'bbars of the Great, to honor them and to receive the unmatched blessings from their God ... It will not deny without Allah's permission
  (Thuhfa 3/2014)
There are important emphasis in the Qur'ฤh's holiness in Islam. The holy Qur'an has revealed to him that the last resort of the great ones is in barrenness.
"Glory be to Allah Who maketh his servant to the mosque of the Masjid al-Haram,
  (Al-Isra 1)
Here Imam Quruti (R) writes about what Barakath is in the vicinity of Baithul-Maskidas:

 This is because it is because you are ridiculed by the Ufiakal, the Salihs. That is why he is the Prophet (s) ...
  (Qurthubi 9/212)
เดฎเดนാ View the following examples of the great performing of Tabarah and Tabayah for Tabernacle.

▪ 1) Bilalub al-Harris (R) (Waqf: Hi: 60)
The great Caliph, the second Caliph: Umar (RA) ordered the Prophet to ask the Prophet to come down from Allah in the rain and inform them of the happy news that he will receive the rain. This incident has been recorded in the original texts like Tauricul Kabir 7/304, Kalsul Umal: 8/431, Alibeda Haini 7/93, Fathul Bari: 2/269 ....
 Ibn Hajarul Azlalani (May Allah be pleased with him) writes in the Fatah bari: Saif (R) is said to have said in the Fahadahah that a person who had spoken dreams was a Bilalub al-Harisul Musini (r)
  (Fathushbari: 3/441)
▪ 2) Uqbat bin Amir (r): (Waqaf: hi: 58)

Imam Navi (May Allah be pleased with her) says: The seven days of Uh'bathbum Amir came to Medina when he came to the grave of Prophet Muhammad and asked him to intercede with the Prophet and asked him to intercede. Then he returned to Medina from Medina two and a half days.
  (Tahdebul Azma'a al-Ghawat: 1/336)
▪ 3) Imam Malik (R)

When the ruler of Imran Malik (RA) asked the Prophet to meet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) or to meet the Kaaba, he replied: "You and your father should live face to face with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)."
  (ALMADHAL: 1/395)
▪ 4) Imam Shafi'i (R)

 The great people say, "Surely I will take Abu Bakr (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), and come to his grave for every day."
  (Tarequl Baghdad: 1/123)
▪) The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The meaning of Imam Bukhari (RA), Mohammad bin Abduladir (R) (130: 130)
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah. It is narrated by Ibn Asakhi (May Allah be pleased with him):
If he is in a difficulty with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he gets up his cheeks on the Prophet's grave and then returned. When he was blamed for doing so, he explained. When I am in a dilemma, I will make Ishigasas for the Prophet's grave ...
  (~ 7/1467) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ if you feel good ~~~~
* Let's go to our hubby's chest a smile ... *

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