21 January 2019

A modern types of Fraud

Types of frauds

The time has come to ten o'clock in the morning. Kottakal Modern Furniture. Everyone is busy. There are few customer stores. At that time, a woman who had come with a loud voice cried out one of the parking spaces. It seems to me that no one has died. Staff in the shop and all the others ran away. He was taken to a chair and watered his face. We drank water. The man did not answer more questions like the man's confusion. When told to eat food, he said that it was very difficult to financially. All those present there, together with a number that was not bad, kept him in his hands. He got a little relaxed and went away. There was a man who said there was a fraud. In the meantime, the CCTV decided to examine one. When the CCT had examined the TV, he realized that he was lying there and that was his way of gaining the money. Watch this video. Maybe you can get your home, your time and money...

NB: Be Careful!! Frauds Everywhere...