16 January 2019

A Dark Night Dreams (short story)

Beautiful sky

              At night, she noticed that the Facebook notification on the phone was in the eyes of "RAJEEVAN UPDATED HIS STATUS". She immediately read it and immediately saw the photograph of her husband and the lines on which she was lying below it. She started to read it with passion.
"I'm lost for that old king. I'm just a living body with no laughter, laughter, hobbies, dreams or dreams.
Yeah ... maybe you've got to understand that you've lost yourself
You still love a fire that you have never felt in your mind.
Rajeevan "
After reading it she kept the phone down. Her husband's previous impression surprised her
I was not shocked
Even though she was late, she knew about it earlier.
It's been 2 years after the wedding. She could not meet any of the invited phone calls
The expectation of recovery after the collapse was overwhelming
Rajeeve loved her only when she had her own, her own, or her friends
They were only strangers when they were not
'Ding dong' clock was okay.'When she looked at her. Ten o'clock.After the wedding Rajeevan has not come before that.Oh
I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Head k She did not want to eat anything.
I'm not sure if it's going to be a good day for me, but I'm not sure what to do with it. She walked through the face that shouts her face Sreeja is the name of Sreeja. Sreeja is not even called her
No, it's not the case. At 8pm, he was skeptical about what he did not bother her and she looked light on her forehead.
I'm not sure what to do, but it's just the way it is. And it is not.
"My luck ...
Next month is our second wedding anniversary. I can not believe that we've been living together for two years. We only have a husband and a wife in that register.
Yeah, I'd be like a couple in movies or stories, or at least a few moments.But I blamed you
I'm so excited to see how it's going to be a good one.
No ...... "
Then he pulled him out of the room and went back to the room. Then he returned and put the book in front of her hands.
And the vessels again, and after a while she would urannippeayi.kannuturann urakkamunarnnat.samayam neakkiyappea neakkiyappea one to remember it was nine o'clock at night avanayirikkunnu.innale avaleannamparannu.innale the teacup in front of her, she was there, she was there kantilla.appealan it in the book, high srad'dhiccat.aval Q. How has the competition.
She immediately opened it up and saw the new lines where she stopped writing.
"Sree ...... okay my old Raji. Rajeevan who has a laughs and smile, I need my sri lanka. Let's forget this up to now. Let's start a new life from today ... Rajeevan and Sreeja's new life.
If you smile on your lips, drink that cup of tea on top of the table and get into the kitchen immediately. I'm tired of washing my glass and making breakfast.
She smiled and smiled on her lips ...

Raihan Rainu