3 June 2018

A wonderful couple (beautiful romantic story)

A beautiful couple

Yes ...............
Do not expect me to give birth to mother and mother ........ !!
I do not have time for all of that .........
When he heard his wife's words the first night, he looked at her and said,
She continued,
I've agreed to this marriage because you know that you're free from dad and mother .......,
That's it
Looking only one's consent?
If only one is telling to me .......
When she heard all that she said, he did not say anything to her.
Since marriage was fixed
She did not give him a hand.
Often she is busy in many things
He did not get hurt,
He's hurt me, maybe someday.
That's why he waited ....,
The period from engagement to marriage is the time for every woman to redeem her lover and join with him ...,
This time, it is enough to live with someone who wants to do what his heart desires to do.
How many householders can do their will
They can not give much attention to their daughter in the grip of the bride and groom's agitation.
And then many others will be tasked with fixing many things.
And the ones who look at that
It's normal for couples to get busy,
And that's the chance for them to get those who care for that ....!
And that's the time to get enough of those waiting for that.
The home should admit that you should go with your boyfriend,
"I want to drink my mother's breast and go with my father"
It is not like a little girl
If so, no such issues have arisen yet.
The words that she spoke to him
She looked calm and did not say anything and she calm down.
She then justified her first
She said, "I want to complete my studies, do not be hindered from doing anything,
He told me that he knew what he was doing.
It's all up to me!
Is there anything other than this?
No, she took her head.
And he said to her,
I told you something like you told me.
Let me say ........?
As he agreed with his head, he started saying,
I was born and brought up in Calcutta.
The unexplored language, the country, the culture, the people and the visions quickly moved out of the village, and it took a while to end all the way to the end.
Every once in two years
Because it came to the country
Without much contact with anyone.
The years passed slowly in school and college.
Finally I got a job at Kochi or Naval Bay and I came back to Kerala.
My father and my mother came here to see me for about a year and a half
With the death of a car accident
I was once again left alone.
It was in a shock for a while.
Then you get into marriage with yourself
I reached out ....
He stopped one and said,
Let me tell you another story.
Years ahead
When I was in the 5th class I had a very nice girl and she loved us until 7th grade.
It is not known whether love is either love or not.
Gambhiragazha with one of them left school and started raining ...
The romantic couples
I see her coming up and looking at the rain and she is very sad.
I understand the matter
She has forgotten to take a bath
And I did not care
Go straight to my umbrella
I put my umbrella in her hand and walked along the way.
The opportunity to get my loved one for the first time
Very beautifully using
I walked down the rain.
Rain is wet and wet with water
I was so happy when I came home!
But my mother was in the threshold of the room and a taxi taxi driver ...!
I stopped one
He looked at her ...
She ..,
And he continued.
We were transferred to Madras to his father in the taxi railway station. How can we go to Madras at that time and then calculate it later?
But when every two years break, I saw her without knowing everything.
I never informed her about it.
He stopped the story
She told her ...
Please search my loved one again and make her a lifetime
I'm on her front,
She was tied to her neck ...
Those words
That's joy
The explosion was completed.
She was heartfelt with her heart.
He told her.
I want to tell you that you have not returned to me.
It's heard
Out of joining herself!
What happened instead .......
She realizes that she is the one that he loves
Along with it
She prepared to give him the love of his father and mother who lost him.
The third month itself
And she was with child, and was with her
She continued to teach her, and she gave birth to the tenth month,
Completed teaching
She got a job now.
Now she knows
No need for any further time.
All of them have a strong love
Just one more thing!
The Lovely couples